Archbishop Viganò: Francis Church ‘no longer Church’ ~ Nov. 10, 2022


Archbishop Viganò: Francis Church ‘no longer Church’
‘This rupture, this violent tear, was consummated on the spiritual level at the moment in which the authority of the prelates was secularized, just like what happened in the civil sphere.’

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Editor’s note: Below is an exchange of letters between a cloistered nun and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. The first part of the piece is the nun’s letter to His Excellency, the second part is His Excellency’s reply.

(LifeSiteNews) — Most Reverend Excellency,

I am writing to you on the occasion of the coming Feast of Christ the King, and I permit myself to share with you a certain fundamental question:

Is there still any meaning in celebrating and invoking the grace that this liturgical feast so longed for when it was instituted?

More at this link:
Dear RM Agents and Readers,

I recognize so little in this world anymore, it is just so sad. So many folks worked very hard only to lose everything because of—
(you can fill in the blank) there are a million reasons. So many just give up and it is easy to see why. Elections are a joke! Today our stupid newspaper ran a story on the ballots that didn’t come or barely showed. Why wasn’t that done before hand? I wrote and asked them why? Surely others did as well.

Then you have the young folks that don’t hold the vote to the importance it once was. Could it be because of the cheating!!!!

Utah had the red wave, even more so than usual. If the cheating doesn’t stop here than we are lost for sure. If these criminals are not held accountable. True criminal behavior must be acknowledged as such; not putting a guy in jail for 6 months for serving treats, really?

Outrageous: Man Who Raped Child After Hitting Her With His Car Released for Good Behavior??????

I want off this planet, I can’t seem to possibly change it so I want off! This is ridiculous! Somethings you can laugh at and somethings not so much!

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