This and That – Nov. 9, 2022

Pleiadians said Hillary Clinton’s actual death was announced right after it happened, September 10, 2016. We’ve had this information since that day and have shared it sporadically on social media since 2017.

The cause of her death was pneumonia.

Bill Clinton has been dead since 2014, cause unknown. Bill and Hillary already had several clones.

Two Hillary clones were seen on September 11, 2016. The first one collapsed at the 9/11 Memorial. The second one was brought out at “Chelsea’s apt”, which was some kind of medical facility.

Hillary was never arrested. Fake insiders say otherwise. But even “Q” said it would eventually be announced that the Clintons are sick, because their clones won’t be arrested.



Maricopa County just dropped results from an additional 62K+ ballots (favoring Hobbs, of course) and posted this nice little video of a machine counting votes.

Funny how entire countries can hand count paper ballots and deliver results on election night, but one county in one state using a high speed vote tabulator can’t give results for multiple days. What’s the issue here?


NOW – Biden says the “American public wants to move on” and “it’s almost comedy” when asked about potential upcoming investigations into him and his son Hunter.







October 22….and here we are.


DAY TWO OF BIG ENERGIES WAVES ROLLING IN. Today’s energies are going to seem like Dejavu today.

You might have noticed last night was very long too, again!

Some may find their normal nighttime routines were completely different two nights in a row?

Waves of very high level energies have been rolling in for two days!

These energies are BIG and HEAVY within the body and are bringing BIG Ascension Symptoms along with them. 

Remember to listen to yourself in these energies and take it slow.

These are heavy, Full energies that are being felt throughout the body.

Below is a reminder of the Ascension Symptoms you may experience: 

Leg & Knee pain,

Nerve pain 

Memory issues,

Ear tuning,

Pressure on the body,

Face sinus pressure,

Ears ringing,

Jaw pain,

Itchy all over,

Bowel issues,

Full body clearing,

Aversion to Food,



Overwhelming love,

Joint pain,

Hand pain,

Head pressure,

New understandings,


Blurry Vision,


Floating between two worlds,

And so many more. 

Hydrate, Ground, Rest and BE 

We have any amazing day in the energies today, part two.

Much love and light,

-SA Smith








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