It Doesn’t Compute ~ Nov. 9, 2022


Editor’s Note: We are NOW (No Other Way) in a lull where the election remains discussed and analyzed, but without repercussions…so far.

NOW is the moment to hold onto your faith in truth and fairness, be of good cheer, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Something is odd about the midterm US election.

Beforehand, nearly 75% of the public declared complete dissatisfaction with the way things were going. But over 50% voted to keep things going exactly the way they were.

2 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Compute ~ Nov. 9, 2022

  1. Mean while you were all watching the election clown show. And the bait fully swallowed. and caught in the act. just like before.
    >>>> still waiting >>>>

    Crypto has just started going through an entire apocalypse. everything down 10 -20%
    FTX is sold to BNB, ooops but wait no its not.,…
    and in the process everyone finds out about Alameda and the money printing they are both involved in and there is nothing backing anything. Ooops
    and FTX has halted your withdrawals. and BNB is not buying.
    next comes Solana comes crashing down also tied to others that are full of nothingness and will become “pixels in the wind”.
    Bye Bye
    all a set up if you ask me.
    the whole time governments all over the world are trying to restrict you from buying crypto. in this country limiting so called “crypto securities” like>LBRY to only (accredited investors).
    this is all criminal. the entire market is a scam.

    Gary Gensler, Hinman, the EEA, and the entire 3 letter agency group have been proven as your #1 enemy.
    here we go kids.

    Oh and why can no one post a vid of the Fed Building with the wall?.


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