FIFTY8 / Gaslight the Unconscious ~ Nov. 9, 2022


So you want to change this world? This reality?

But have you ever experienced what it means to be whole? To be complete? To be in harmony?

One of the reasons we desire is due to a feeling of lack inside of us. Which we experience as thoughts. Thought comes from a place of lack as its intention is gain.

But once your eyes are distracted from your heart center due to these thoughts you are redirected from the path of your destiny. One’s true path.

What I do is to help you discover this truth by showing you and convincing you how you have been indoctrinated into focusing on the wrong direction and then empower you to get back on your true path.

The consequence of this is the sensation called “presence.” When you have a feeling that awakens a certain perception it becomes alive in you which is your own “presence.”

But we have been trained to assign our awareness to an illusion, a lie. Called thinking.

These lies are applied to your perception to mislead you from your silent reservoir of knowing. In symbolism this is represented by a state of being or woman held prisoner within somebody else’s constructed illusion, usually a psychopath – which represents the inherited human mind. Which was created to to entrap you within a limited idea that becomes a false truth called “childhood.” The illusion is the thoughts/programming contained in the mind.

Once this happens, our presence leaves our body and the feeling of excitement that we all have diminishes and gravitates toward outside values to focus on. As the years go by, you begin to expect and you begin to visualize what you want that’s outside of yourself. 

This is how we all became externalized. These instilled desires and expectations take you beyond what you need to know in your present circumstances, and thus divert you and everybody else off their life path through that conditioning called thinking.

Our magic as human beings is to consciously shift between dimensions.

It is my responsibility to imprint upon you the enigmatic knowledge that you need to come to terms with. In my meditations, I transmit through my voice what you need to assimilate, and within the dimensional visions you receive are hidden inversions of that continuity that we wish you to unravel and see for what it is.

The hidden hand of the shadow’s mind.

Most are a slave to their mind. We must free them by showing them what it’s like to be whole, complete, happy, abundant, excited, creative and above all silent. Gaslight the unconscious with peace and harmony.

Awakening to these truths will enable you to go beyond any form of entrapment that may wish to ensnare your awareness and drag it away from the present moment via thoughts and emotions.

Preoccupation saturates awareness with a disjointed fusion of imagery and emotion that is projected and installed into our consciousness. These are called imprints.

This is how the shadow lives vicariously through our being. Any dreams/nightmares, thoughts/voices that keep your attention from your heart are “imprinted/installed” in you to keep you preoccupied, lazy, doubting, procrastinating, fearful and unhappy.

This is how the shadow feeds off of your awareness and feminine energy.

The stabilization of imprints is our true nemesis. The threads (thoughts) themselves form the barrier that hides this cloak, this shadow, which moves feverishly within our construct to hold your perception in place.

This shadow’s mind cloaks your inner child, your soul from freedom.

The installment is a controlling, tyrannical force that moves to overcome innocence, which is our power. The only element that can descend upon our lives to wake us up to ourselves is observational silence, and the only individuals who can descend harmoniously into other’s lives are those possessed by this awareness. The clear-hearted.

When you are clear-hearted, you can move away from the shadow’s mind gaze and the mask falls and shatters into a million pieces to be absorbed by the earth. When occupied with an external operative, you will need tenfold resolve not to become involved, in order to unmask the covert activities that find placement in the mundane.

Such is the war that the clear-hearted fight for their life and power. To truly change the world is to listen to the silence of your heart and not the voices of the mind.

– Billy Rood / Creator of FIFTY8

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