Faster and Faster – Nov. 9, 2022

The Earth recently completed a rotation faster than ever before at 1.59 millisecond under 24 hours, and the consequences for how we keep time have experts around the world alarmed.



(i.e. worry, anxiety, self-doubt)

Breathe in and slow down your body by applying breath.

Inhale deeply for 4 counts,

– Hold in 4 counts,

– Exhale 4 Counts.

Do this for 4-8 counts until you feel totally out of your mind programs and in your full “presence” of breath- The NOW presence.

The goal here is getting you OUT of your mind program and INTO your PRESENCE. This can happen when you apply breath. Your mind has to release.

Reprogramming is most effective when done outside of the mind, when you are engaged in the “observer” mode of your full present consciousness.

Now Say:

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience (insert trauma here).”



Tucker – we are not really very serious about democracy if we using electronic voting machines! BOOM 💥





@team1anons 👈

@Qwo17 👈

DARK [10]

🦅 🇺🇸 💪 🔥


a red thread


we should deal with WHO is responsible for this and hold this group responsible for everyone who is directly or indirectly involved. The regicides: King Leonidas – the betrayal by the parliament, Alexander the Great betrayal by his men quasi parliament conspiracy, Julius Caesar – parliament conspiracy & murder Jesus Christ conspiracy & murder – Judas & others, the French royal families were victims of elite circles the nobles & others,….the Romanov family – shot by the damn Bolsheviks, Marxists – Jews or Zionists to be precise. Abraham Lincoln – a friend of the Russian Tsaren family another conspiracy – Tsar also means Caesar, then John F. Kennedy another conspiracy this time involving various sides such as intelligence agencies, warmongers in the military-industrial complex, Linden B Johnson and other members of government & members of parliament , the mafia, US authorities, judges, coroners, police officers, possibly also NGOs, the next attack Ronald Raegan – he survived, the Princess Diana and Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco, were both murdered purely by accident in a car accident, briefly mysterious circumstances. JFK Jr,….plane “accident”,….Jörg Heidar an Austrian anti globalist & EU opponent – car accident & his car had multiple bullet holes!

There had been rumors that Mossad was angry with Austrian MP Jörg Heidar.


ein roter Faden wir sollten uns damit beschäftigen WER dafür verantwortlich ist und diese Gruppe zur Verantwortung schleifen jeden der direkt oder indirekt damit zu tun hat. Die Königsmorde: König Leonidas – der Verrat durch das Parlament, Alexander der Große Verrat durch seine Männer quasi Parlament Verschwörung, Julius Cäsar – Parlament Verschwörung & Mord Jesus Christus Verschwörung & Mord – Judas & andere, die Französischen Königsfamilien waren Opfer von Elitären Kreisen die Adligen & andere,….die Romanov Familie – Erschossen durch die verdammten Bolschewiken, Marxisten – Juden bzw. Zionisten um ganz präzise zu sein. Abraham Lincoln – ein Freund der russischen Tsaren Familie wieder eine Verschwörung – Tsar bedeutet auch Caesar, dann John F. Kennedy eine weitere Verschwörung dieses mal durch diverse Seiten wie Geheimdienste, kriegshetzer im Militärisch-industriellen Komplex, Linden B Johnson involviert sowie andere Regierungsmitglieder & Parlamentsmitglieder, die Mafia, US Behörden Richter, Gerichtsmediziner, Polizisten eventuell auch NGO‘s, der nöchste Anschlag Ronald Raegan – dieser hat überlebt, die Prinzessin Diana sowie Grace Kelly die Prinzessin von Monaco wurden beide rein zufällig durch einen Autounfall ermordet kurz mysteriöse Umstände. JFK Jr,….Flugzeug „Unfall“,….Jörg Heidar ein Österreichischer Anti Globalist & EU Gegner – Autounfall & sein Auto hatte mehrere Einschusslöcher!

Es hatte Gerüchte gegeben, dass der Mossad verärgert war über den Österreichischen Abgeordneten Jörg Heidar.


We have a Storm making landfall at Trumps Mar A Lago

And then it heads for Wash DC

Storm track looks like a “boomerang”

Guess what Q was dropping about

11/9/18 and 11/10/18 (4 year deltas)

“Boomerang Suicide”

Election Maps

Voter ID



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