Armistice – Nov, 9, 2022

Editor’s Note: Hmm…Since we are going to continue playing this game/movie/show/existence on Earth, I will disagree with the concept of applying armistice to/for the dark on Earth (I would much rather focus on the application of LOVE, and watch those of the dark make more informed choices.)

From my perspective, the greatest evil is to control/limit another. It is in this manner FREEWILL is eliminated with self-choice erased.

Light and dark cannot co-exist, as each possesses the ability to cancel the other and so we seen a succession of civilizations on Earth destroyed as Light and dark duke it out via the available civilization.

Yet NOW (No Other Way), our civilization is beginning to re-member “Who I Am” as a Quantum Self able to rise above the polarity of the moment, focus on the Magnificent Quantum LOVE we actually are, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!









3 thoughts on “Armistice – Nov, 9, 2022

  1. Most men that love their children will protect them.Constitutionally military men will also protect the meek where ever he is . . . however I know that because I am woman will always bend for pity sake.
    However my man will not just sit and get punched in the face over & over again . . . hence the song “Turn Turn Turn” by the Byrds.


  2. PS
    We are not talking about all the fake planned wars against innocent people, their nations + militaries. We are talking about deplorables whom have killed, maimed & tortured many many lives over many many years and until now are being held accountable at the risk of many many whistleblowers being silenced through out many many years.


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