Simon Parkes: The Majority of you Wanted Option 5… Today is the Day in the US… ~ Nov. 8, 2022


The Majority Of You Wanted Option 5…

For what it’s worth the greater majority of you wanted Option 5, because you correctly saw it as the quickest way to resolve this situation.

What we want, and what we get might be two different things.

The play has always been for the unawake to travel at a speed they can cope with.

The small (but growing) band of truthers/patriots have had to watch developments at a snails pace. As it’s the hearts and minds of the huge unaware majority that the white hats are taking along on this slow motion journey to freedom.

Today Is The Day In The US…

Don’t hold your breath, the white hats could opt for the long haul.

Both houses projected by mainstream to go Republican.

Trump to “make big announcement on the 15th”

Mainstream saying that he will stand in the 2024 election.

So where does that leave the 2020 election and all that we associate with it ?

What is to become of Nesara Gesara?

As always, we wait…

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