(Reader: Thomas Smith) Wi-Fi at Voting Center ~ Nov. 8, 2022


Editor’s Note: It is 12;24 Pacific time and our TV is off today. Thus, I do not know any of the televised reported “status” of the mid-term election today. Yet…we have a report below from an east coaster who is speaking of voter fraud. Mmm..we may do well to remember that legally (and they are trying to be “legal” in prompting change), “fraud vitiates all contracts”!

Another interesting aspect for this election process is:

  1. The husband of the current Secretary of State, Paul Pelosi, is a shareholder (on the board of directors?) for Dominion voting software.
  2. Dominion was purchased by China for $120 million in Dec. 2021.
  3. Paul Pelosi, Jr. is a major investor in Chinese telecom companies

This is likely to be an interesting election with unexpected results. Maintaining the stance of an “observer” helps me keep BALANCEd, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Like a good citizen I went and voted today in the town of Stafford at the community center i asked the officials if they were using dominion voting machines and they answered yes i flecked for a Wi-Fi connection in side the building and there were Five different Wi-Fi available I asked why the Wi-Fi was on and I was told they didn’t know I entered my vote and went to my car and called the conn voter fraud hot line a man answered I report that they were using dominion machines and that they 5 lines of on in and around the buildings the man got nasty and hung up on me so here we are again let’s see what happens with the results because obviously the state of conn doesn’t give a dam

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