Will a False Flag Event Stop the 2022 Midterm Elections? ~ Nov. 7, 2022


By eggman

Will a False Flag Event Stop the 2022 Midterm Elections? Do I want to see this happen? Absolutely of course not. Do I have any hard evidence to prove that this will happen? The answer is clearly no. However, everyone who has been paying attention to the past two years knows how important that this election on November 8th is. We additionally know the game that the psychopathic cabal plays.

Many of the so-called “conspiracy theories” of the past have been now proven to have been true. We never have really ever got clear-cut evidence that shows that such events as 9-11 or the Las Vegas shooting were absolutely what our government had stated that they were. Government officials gave conflicting reports in these cases and the media was used to confuse everyone while the cabal’s true motives were hidden from the public.

The MAGA movement believes that the January 6th, 2021 “insurrection” in Washington D.C. was in fact another false flag. There is much video footage that supports the claims. The January 6th Select Committee also for some strange reason refuses to show this video and also will not subpoena key individuals such as Ray Epps to speak in front of their committee for all of the world to see.

Could November 8th, 2022 be the next false flag that is used by our corrupt FBI or other evil organization to stop the midterm elections? Many people believed that a huge event would happen before November 8th in an attempt to delay this important election. But there are many indicators that suggest that the cabal may be using another plan. The bizarre Joe Biden speech from last night helps support this theory. He went out in front of America and warned us all about potential political violence and additionally stated that it may take days before we get all of the results of the election.

All of the MAGA followers understand that one way that the Democrats stole the election in 2020 was from their mail-in-ballot scheme. In some states it was allowed to count votes for over a week after election day. The Democrats kept miraculously finding ballots until they were able to declare themselves the winners. Ironically the same people who won the elections are also the same people who do the investigations into looking into alleged election fraud. What a coincidence!

The majority of the polls currently being taken to see who are winning political races are all saying that the Republican nominees are going to win in their districts or state. Even ABC, CBS and also other known fake news channels have been showing this. This is not a normal election. The Democrats will potentially lose everything if the Republicans take control of the House and/or Senate in January of 2023. Republican-led committees will surely investigate Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Dr. Fauci and also many other liberal leaders.

If these Republican committees do their jobs correctly they will find an abundance of evidence that show the guilt of these individuals. So the option of allowing the Republicans to win the House and/or Senate is off of the table in the opinion of Team Deep State. They will have to attempt to once again allegedly use another illegal and immoral event. That plan would probably be used on November 8th. Would a huge false flag or a series of minor ones be used as an excuse to stop the midterms? Joe Biden has already laid the foundation to be used that the MAGA followers are domestic terrorists and extremely dangerous.

Do false flag events start to happen within hours after the voting polls open? And the Federal Government once again “comes to our rescue to save us from the violence of the MAGA people”? They could very well use this tactic to delay the election for a month or more. This would also open the doors for them to later use the excuse that we now need to be able to vote using our phones so the threats of physical violence at the voting booths can not happen. Do you see how their corrupt system works? I think many of you do.

The problem is awakening those that don’t have a clue what is truly happening. Many people have families and do not have the time to analyze what is occurring in the political arena. Others are just plain lazy. And others are corrupt and desire a system that is useful for those needs.

Many people reading this article will say that I am going to far and none of this could ever happen. Others will take it seriously. All I am saying is to keep your eyes wide-open on that day and question everything that is told to you. Beware of any excuse to delay an election. No National election has ever been delayed before even during times of war and the lack of technology.

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