Anna Von Reitz: ‘The Real Origin of “Cabal” ~ Nov. 7, 2022


Sunday, November 6, 2022

The Real Origin of “Cabal”

By Anna Von Reitz

The word “Cabal” has been popularly used for the past several years as a label to describe the nefarious and legendary Khazars and the separate bureaucratic Deep State operatives, agents, and cronies, both. Some people even think this word has something to do with Jewish Mysticism and the Kabbalah, but no.

It goes back to the time period that I keep trying to draw everyone’s attention to — the English Civil War.

Recently, the entire British Parliament and Judiciary swore allegiance to an unknown “King Charles”. That could mean “King Charles I” who was beheaded in the middle of the English Civil War, or, King Charles of Scotland, a present day relative, but is entirely unlikely to mean King Charles the Third.

If the Parliament meant “King Charles, the Third”, they would certainly have said so.

In some ways, strange as it is to consider a modern Parliament swearing allegiance to a King who has been dead 350 years, the English Civil War is where everything got off track for them. What if they, like me, are trying to focus attention on the real Cabal?

The legal definition of “Cabal” provided by Black’s Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition, tells us that a Cabal is “a small association for the purpose of intrigue; an intrigue. This name was given to that ministry in the reign of Charles II, formed by Clifford, Ashley, Buckingham, Arlington, and Lauderdale, who concerted a scheme for the restoration of the Pope. The initials of these five names form the word “cabal”, hence the appellation.

And, appropriately, in French commercial law, a “Cabalist” is a Factor or Broker….

Both of these meanings are far more connected to the current world situation and The Great Fraud which has been perpetuated throughout the West.

First, we face the likelihood that collusion between the Popes and their British Commonwealth Overseers resulted in a long-term plot between the British Territorial Federal Subcontractors and the Holy Roman Empire Federal Subcontractors to not only overthrow the American Government, but to use the muscle and firepower gained to overthrow the European Governments, too — and all in favor of a Papist world hegemony of the kind envisioned by Pope Boniface VIII.

Second, there can be no doubt that a major component in this scheme of unlawful and later, legal conversions, has been played by French brokers, specifically the Nazi-affiliated Vichy French Government which chartered the UN CORPORATION in 1943.

So, it’s two for two. You have a British-Papist intrigue resulting in a “Cabal” during the English Civil War, and you have French commercial interests figuring in the action as brokers called “cabalists” — not to be confused with “Kabbalists”, who are Jewish Mystics.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that “cabalists” are working under an assumed name that can easily be confused with Jewish Kabbalists. I think it is typical of the way these people “mirror” everything and pretend to be members of whatever group they are targeting.

I’ve told you all about my experience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where a Roman Catholic Priest was also pretending to be a very flamboyant yarmulke-wearing Jewish businessman. He knew that I recognized him in both roles and just smiled about it all, as if this was normal behavior.

Well, maybe it is. For them. But who are they?

Do we have Catholics pretending to be Jews, or Jews pretending to be Catholics, and are there any genuine examples of either one in the room?

It could be a means to discredit the “enemy” or his religion, but it could just as well be an equal opportunity scam, where both groups are being targeted by Third Parties with a different axe to grind.

It has been suggested that we are in the middle of an LBGTQ Revenge scenario, where certain elements of this community have decided to seek revenge for the AIDS pandemic, which specifically targeted intravenous drug users and homosexual men.

Wasn’t Anthony Fauci the lead researcher into AIDS? The vaccines were temporarily halted in Australia when entire heterosexual families tested positive for AIDS after receiving injections. And a vaccine-related suppression of the immune system similar to AIDS is one of the most commonly reported adverse effects.

Has the LGBTQ Community had enough and decided to give the Fascist Military some of its own, with a little help from Doctor Fauci? Or is it a double-double cross, in which the LGBTQ Community is being led out into the spotlight and then targeted as the cause of the problem, when in reality, they have been victims all along?

Like twisting, thrashing, snake coils all these suppositions and more present themselves, but we must remember, that with Satan’s Children, the victim is always blamed and the Accused is always innocent.

See the connection between the English Civil War and the American Civil War, the way in which two nations birthed in the traditions of freedom were led away into slavery of mind, body, and spirit — just as the Pope’s tiara symbolized it, yet not any slavery to Jesus.

Slavery to quite a different Master is involved here — slavery to the Law of the Sea and to him who was cast down into the Sea, the Father of All Lies.

Therefore, guard yourselves above all things, against fear and against both Lies and Liars; do not be hasty in judgement or driven to panic, and most of all, do not be Liars yourselves.

In the days to come, those who trampled on the most fundamental rights of others will be made frantic by the severity of the consequences of their acts. They will be shocked by the cruelty they displayed toward others and their own reliance on experts who lied to them.

Many people will be in denial as they face their own illness and the illness of people they love, but the statistics will continue to mount, and the truth will be ever-increasingly apparent—- by their mindless compliance they have killed themselves and murdered others.

Left unabated, billions of people would suffer and die, young and old, rich and poor, but the time for evil has been cut short.

We have new medical technologies coming online and new insights into Nature. The “pollution of the blood” which these monsters have wished on us will not stand; and, we will never again be subject to them.

Stand in renewed courage, and be strong, and stand together. What they have done in darkness, we will answer in the light. And they will know that they have nobody to blame but themselves.


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