The Story Of Ascension: The Only Truth Is Inside Of You – Nov. 6, 2022

The story of ascension is an ancient one. You may have heard many different versions of it. Still, the real story cannot be erased or covered, no matter how many lies are told or if a part of the world tries to block this process or avoid this information.

The real story of human ascension cannot be denied. It cannot be erased. Because it is within your human body. Only on this planet, for now, there are seven billion sacred copies of the Universe’s story.

Part of what you are remembering now is trying to arise from your deep memory. Dare to open this core treasure house and become an inner explorer, an archeologist of truth.

It is time to remove the dust from the stones and bones where truth has been written for eons. Shed Light on all those who surround you.

If you don’t know where to start, use your intentions and state out loud what you want, then ask your guides to assist you.

If you are willing to travel down memory lane of this lifetime and many other past lives, you will find that many treasures have been buried under the sand of the desert of misinformation. Once these treasures are revealed to you, you’ll have a clear picture of the purpose of this magnificent Universe.

There are millions and trillions of purposes in this Universe, as many as there are beings who live in it. So many different missions and dreams to be fulfilled. But, at the same time, there’s ONE common purpose: The experience of Life.

Divine intelligence wants to experience itself through YOU!

Consciousness is expression, expansion, and discovery.

When you begin to unbury those treasures, you’ll start to fill the gaps, join the dots, and picture the real purpose of your own Life.

Then, you’ll discover that against all odds and what you might have perceived as probably negative experiences, how many clever ways you have been given to experience what you truly desire. And how many unexpected journeys you’ve taken to end up at the right place. How many unknown roads you’ve traveled. The many guides you have found on your way. And the many Divine actions you have participated in.

Thus, your perspective of reality shifts into a new state of awareness and higher frequency.

When you take a deep breath and look back into your inner treasures, you will understand the totality of your being.

When you are able to accept the past, turn down some behaviors that were not uplifting, and accept your own identity, your internal energy will start to move. It will open a chakra center in your body that is located around the thymus gland, between the fourth and fifth chakras.

It is through here that, eventually, the nervous system will open, and the right information will flow to you.

Suppose you want to be in the best position to receive this sacred information. In that case, you could start by regenerating your body, treating yourself well, and moving into unconditional love.

Once you accept being more than what you have been taught, a member of the family light, you’ll be able to understand this information, see beyond, and start to grasp the real intentions of the Creator.

This will have massive repercussions on your Life. You’ll start to do what the Divine would do, go where the Divine would go, and act on what the Divine would act. Your whole Life begins to be guided by the Light.

Galactic beings understand what can be achieved when working with Light, and their plan was carefully orchestrated. For several hundred thousand years, these beings of Light were trained to carry out this plan.

Part of this plan involved being ready for a cosmic jolt they anticipated would eventually come from the Creator. There was a great deal of dedication and preparation as the groundwork for ascension was laid. There was much to be learned before this plan could be implemented, for it was a daring plan.

These Guardians of Light intended to take Light, or knowledge, into a reality where that Light was not welcomed.

You have come to this world to be a pivotal part of this movement. For those of you who have come to act out your plan and to work with the consciousness of Light, YOUR TIME IS NOW!

All you need to do is begin to allow Divine energy to come into your body. You must start to vibrate with this high frequency and let clear the past passages of the self, the emotional energies that hold you locked in your physical body.

As you examine yourself, you will find many inner paths and highways, as many as the nerves in your internal nervous system. Millions and trillions of courses for consciousness to expand.

You will find that your society has been very cleverly designed to keep you from knowing this most intimate and rewarding, and exciting portion of yourself.

They’ll say: “Being alone can be very dangerous and detrimental for yourself.”

You must remember then that the only truth is INSIDE OF YOU.

That’s why they don’t want you to explore the paths of your inner world!

As Guardians of Light, you are going to create a new reality. If you open yourself to your truth, the rest of the planet will follow, and Universal consciousness will be achieved on Earth.

And remember,

You are not alone.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of Light.

We are the Galactic Federation.


Divine blessings to all,

Aurora Ray

Ambassador of The Galactic Federation

Art by Aurora Ray

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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