PLEIADIAN COLLECTIVE ~ Change And Perspective – Nov. 6, 2022

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

Your World Is Changing Exponentially Each Moment!

This Can Be Perceived That Your Waking Dream Has Become Your Worst Nightmare!

But In Truth, Light Beckons You Onward To Embrace The Perspective That All Is Working For You!

You Cannot Pretend There Are Not Many With Dark Intentions As Wars Rage On And People Are Living In Lack Around The Earth! Wisdom Allows You To Shift Your Gaze To What Is Beautiful, Kind And True!

As A Collective Group, You Will Indeed Be Affected By The Actions Of Others And Your Best Decisions Moving Forward Are To Embrace Light And Have The Intention For All To Be Healed. For One Action Causes Another. Let Your Action Be That Of Love For The Planet. Everything You Do Or Say With Intention, Returns To You!

The Advent Of Instantaneous Information Brings Global Responsibility. You Can Make A Difference With Meditation And Gratitude For Life And The Abundance Provided Continually. You Are Still Here! This Means You Have Food And Water. Many Of You Have Far More! Many Of You Struggle.

Knowing That Each Of You Has The Essence Of One Divine Source, Give Up The Animosity And Discord And Send Healing To Those Lost In Pain And Anger. 

The Most Anger You Will Observe Is From Those Full Of Fear! Shine Your Light Brightly And Make A Difference!

Each Of You Has The Capacity To Create Your Life And Reality Now. In This Very Moment You Choose.

You Are On The Very Edge Of A New Life Of Stunning Perfection! You Are Returning To Health And Peace!

You Are Stepping Into The Very Edge Of Your Capacity To Be God-Realized While In Form.

There Are No Limitations Once You Shift In Awareness And Remember The Earth As It Was Conceived To Be!

Your Awakening To Your Soul Will Bring Continued Harmony Which Is Ongoing And Ever Evolving!

And It Is Touched By Every Breath Taken, By Every Word Spoken And By Every Blessed Intention Of Your Collective Life! 

Live As One And Discover The Peace That Covers The Planet! 

We Remain With You!

We Leave As One!


We Love You So!

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