Editor’s Note: Many thanks to E. For this report!


Succinct red pills from SGAnon…

We are close to the public show…

MASS ARRESTS are underway.

The reason for most of the delay was that the Deep Underground Military (and Corporate) Bases had BIOLABS. The military (world-wide) had to locate and destroy almost 10,000 labs GLOBALLY. The cabal has had NO nuclear weapons because of the inner world (Agartha / Telosi) intervention.

So, the elites started the Bioweapon Biolabs programs. Bioweapons could be used in place of nukes and could be more deadly (kill more people). The de-lites families have been busy with their minions (the corrupt scientists). Now, it is TIME.

~ Author unknown

Note to Readers: I took down the yelling (all caps) except for emphasis and added a few notes ( ) of my own. I would add, the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW) and the Earth Alliance Space Force (U.S., France, etc.) have prevented all existing nuclear warheads from being used. They have the technology to “turn-off” nukes.

The Telosi are a race of former ETs from the Centuari star system who long ago had a colony on Atlantis. They retreated into Inner Earth to escape the various custodial wars that played out on the surface — nuclear holocausts — that killed a lot of people. I feel the Annunaki, namely Enlil’s bunch and the Ciakahrr, plus the Orion Gray Alliance were largely responsible for those ancient wars. The Telosi have been involved in a war underground to free their people from the invading forces of the Ciakahrr Reptilians, Orion Grays, the Nebu, ICC, dark state U.S. military, off-world corporate entities, etc. who had overtaken the ancient series of tunnels and inner Earth cities.

Just another red pill to inform readers that we are NOT alone in this battle of dark against the Light.

Dark = ignorance, arrogance, denial of connection to Source, hubris, addiction to power over others, service to self, addiction to control/tyrannical approach to governance

Light = enlightement, embracing connection to Source, humility, grace, service to others, balance, self-governing through inner connection to Source


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