REVEALED: Authorities Cover-Up Key Information About Alleged Pelosi Incident ~ Nov. 5, 2022


The Paul Pelosi and David De Pape story continues to raise more red flags. As it turns out, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a private security system set up that was supposed to notify law enforcement if there was an intrusion, but as if by magic – it was supposedly switched off. Likewise, police refuse to release the bodycam footage of the incident – further fueling speculation that a possible cover-up may be underway. Regardless of what one thinks about this incident, it is clear that the facts and timing of it – have huge political implications in the run-up to the Midterm elections. Now that the case has been taken over by the Federal government, will we ever find out that really happened that night?

Fox News host Tucker Carlson dissects the media’s response to the attack on Paul Pelosi and how Democrats will try to capitalize on it. Watch: 

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