Now on Deck…Nov. 5, 2022


Comms to EBS



👇 Below From Whiplash 👇

Military EBS Starlink [17] 🎙🪖

– Seems to of tactically placed itself at the the right time.

Department of Energy/

17th Agency

= Generals in Cheyenne Mountain ⛰️

[ Q = 😎]

34 Buildings will be



Suicide Weekend 🧐🤔

Comms for EBS

Edot Baby

[Rapper] Dead

at 17

– Shot to the Head

Aaron Carter

– Brother to singer if Backstreet Boys

– Found Dead in Bathtub 🛀 @ 34 yrs old (17 +17 =34)

QPost 34 = EBS

[ThankQ @XaudiusPandora]


OMG! Bathrooms!!

Whitney Houston – died in bathroom

Bobbi Kristina Brown – died in bathroom

Elvis – died in bathroom

Aaron Carter – died in bathroom

Reminds me of the drop that says “he has to use the bathroom prior to leaving”


Aaron Carter said the FBI and his mother pressured him to make false claims that Michael Jackson sexually abused him so they could sue him for money. He said MJ was nothing but hospitable, kind, loving and giving.


Good decode anons,

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming P[A]Triots.


Military on Deck. 😎


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