November 5, 2022: Saturday Night Is Fight Night [videos]


Commander-in-Chief Trump will be in the ring again tonight fighting for America and the world at his MAGA rally in Miami, Florida.–watch-live-president-donald-j.-trump-holds-rally-in-miami-fl-11622.html

If it’s true that Trump is the biological son of Gen. George Patton, it certainly makes sense that he would attend military college and prepare for the fight of his life, and the most significant fight in history; the liberation of Humanity. The fact that he is a stupendous military strategist is very fortunate for us—but I’m sure no accident.

What everyone needs to innerstand is, no one can fight and win the battle in isolation. We all must do it together on the battlefield. Trump and the Q Team prepared us to fight for ourselves; to contribute to the war effort. This is some valuable perspective from Telegram.

Trump is pushing a specific narrative that really isn’t even for anons.
He’s a wartime general pushing a narrative that will benefit most people for the next phase of the plan.
He needed as many people awake as possible. He’s helping people go to the brink of the precipice, just as Q said, so that they will start to fight back in their own ways.
And that’s exactly what’s happening. People need to see how close we were to losing everything in order to find the will to help preserve our freedoms for future generations.
Make no mistake.
He knows exactly what he’s doing.
It may be a bitter pill to swallow, but the hidden shackles were always uncomfortable. The world had become so complacent that they embraced their slavery as peace. This all changes now. It is changing. The seeds being sown now will bring forth a great harvest. Truth is on the rise. With truth comes freedom.

People may be more awake than we think. They may not know as much as we do about the crimes perpetrated for so long, but the Wu Flu BS woke up a lot of previously snoozy ones. I mentioned to a neighbour this morning out walking his dogs about our friends who lost a puppy to what was probably a vaccine and he suggested it was “kind of like the Covid shots”. Wow. I never figured him for someone who would know about that.

This is an exceptionally busy weekend for me so I have to rush through this.

Simon Parkes did a brilliant update in which he reveals six potential scenarios that could unfold in America with respect to the November 8 midterm election and the coup the dark cabal pulled in 2020.

Simon knows which one the White Hats are planning to execute but cannot say so he gifted us with some ideas to ponder. He provides so much valuable insight I have to put the “must watch” banner on this one.

He mixes the intel with some of the Connecting Consciousness business so you must listen right to the end. It’s very positive. Thanks so much to Simon for this thoughtful gesture for some folks who are probably beside themselves with worry and even fear. As Putin said once, “Everything is going to be alright.” Please watch on Rumble at the link below. 33 min.

November 8th Midterms Intel Update…

Did you see Trump’s reference to “Resurrection Day”?

Donald J. Trump: “Fri. 11 Nov. 2022 is Resurrection Day.”

Simon addressed that in his ambiguous way. Wow. We’ll see what happens.

Juan O Savin had a conversation with SpaceShot and Juan is referring to these current days as “the arrest wars”. Juan always provides the nuances of the war that we either missed or may have misinterpreted and his material is always unique. SpaceShot pulled up some fascinating information to discuss and get Juan’s opinion on. We haven’t heard the biggest intel yet on the 2020 election steal. You can watch on Bitchute at the link.


The crew posted the following on Telegram:

Translation from Dutch:

At Goede Morgen, Nederland on TV this morning. BQQQM… Dutch lieutenant Roy Hemmelder says in an interview why a large exercise (Operation Autumn) is happening today with many military helicopters.

“It’s the calm before the storm.”

Clandestine did an excellent article on the manipulation of the minds of people prior to the 2020 election. The globalists have always controlled everything they possibly could. We just never saw it.

FASCISM ALERT DNC Weaponized the DHS/FBI to Interfere in 2020 Election

Q the Storm Rider consistently posts fantastic updates on Telegram. I can’t share them all, but here’s one I grabbed:


PUTIN SEIZES OVER 160 OLIGARCHS companies, holdings, assets and properties in a single 24 hour operation sweep in South Ukraine which controls 70% of Ukraine’s shipping industry.

The worlds second largest money laundering operations through UKRAINE oligarchs that control banks, shipping, weapons, foods ( grain), fertilizer took a MAJOR hit as PUTIN seized their ACCOUNTS. Operations, businesses and assets…. The Fall of the DEEP STATE operations in Southern Ukraine is connected to Pelosi, BIDENS , Obama’s, CIA, BILDERBERG ( Roth’s) group companies, subsidiary companies and holdings that invested Trillions (money LAUNDERED ) and still had Trillions invested through these UKRAINE OLIGARCHS companies. Banks. Business’s.

>UN NATO ECT ECT ECT ECT Biden ECT ECT took a MAJOR hit with this RUSSIAN operation


Jim, the Unknown Light Warrior sent out a newsletter this morning about the global meditation for the 144K on November 8 and the intel updates he is going to share. I wanted to include a portion of that email. He refers to Simon’s update above. Jim and his ground crew do powerful work in other realms. You can learn more at Return To Your

… here we go.

The 11/8 – 11/11


Mass Meditation LINKS are at the bottom of this email.

If you can feel the tension building … no need to worry.

It’s the Cabal’s.

There is a blanket of complete secrecy & a dense wall of smoke placed over 11/11 and after: The reason being:

anything we know & see … the Chimera & Cabal can see
the 144K is the main & only real wild card in the whole equation (I’m not being grandiose – it is what it is)
the post 11/11 timeline will be decided DURING 8/11 and 11/11
AFTER our meditations, is when we’ll discover whether the timeline scenarios Simon Parkes was given to relay will actually materialize.

I’ll explain why we’re closer than ever to reunion with our Soul/Galactic Families.

Astrological details coming soon (about how insane this Full Lunar Eclipse will be, RIGHT ON THE MIDTERMS!) …




Telegram Live Link:

ps. … if you know other powerful Starseeds / Lightworkers who would like to join the 144k & who you feel would get a lot out of Ground Crew Command Radio, you can send them to: to sign up.

I also find the following fascinating because there are multiple meanings for the “harvest”, including the collection of the pure of heart to go back to God and leave the devil’s disciples behind. Some talk about “the reunion”.

There was talk in 2019 around a Q drop and posts from Devin Nunes and hunters and traitor James Comey kept posting obscure images of himself standing in a cornfield or a forest.

We also learned that the clever cabal used kerning of letters to hide information. If someone was looking for the name Comey in a document they wouldn’t find it because they used Corney as a reasonable facsimile for his name. The anons still refer to him as “Corney” or “corn” for that reason. The meme above was created by anons to mock James Comey’s posts.

There is a load of information the public needs to know, as we’ve discussed previously and the MOAB [mother of all bombs] still hasn’t been detonated. Can’t wait to watch this unfold. Link to Telegram.

Q Drop 3599 also Mentions Harvest – The Harvest [crop] has been prepared and soon will be delivered to the public for consumption.

Yesterday Grassley tweeted – At 1:01pm 2day my son notified me that this yrs harvest on the Grassley farm is complete.

Meaning the Harvest is complete.

We haven’t heard a lot about Paypal since they screwed themselves and put out new policies stating they would fine users $2500 and incurred costs if they engaged in activity Paypal considered offensive. Nigel Farage is calling for a boycott of Paypal, and I also got word that PP had reneged on their earlier statement about the fines and put that terminology back in their community policy. It seems it is a very sketchy place to be doing business so we consider ourselves warned.

BREAKING: PayPal has REINTRODUCED their policy of taking $2500 from your account if they deem you to spread “misleading information”.

They just lied to you.

Retweet if you will boycott PayPal👍

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) October 27, 2022

Kanye West has been rather outspoken recently about his experience in Hollywood, handlers, and child sex trafficking and now this has happened:

Singer Aaron Carter, who toured with the Backstreet Boys, was found dead today in a bathtub allegedly by drowning. His last tweet was asking Kanye to talk. Aaron made claims in 2019 that he was sexually abused by some family members and people in the industry. Also, they put him on medications and through “rehab” facilities. I used to DM with Aaron, and I believe he was trying to expose the dark underbelly in Hollywood. Rest In Peace, Aaron.

See more at Liz Crokin’s channel on Telegram. They really don’t want their dirty laundry aired in public.

I see there’s a new Gene Decode the crew noted on Telegram. Much appreciated.

I probably will not be posting tomorrow [Sunday] but will be here on Monday to monitor the election excitement.

Remember, America: Change your clocks on Sunday, your socks on Monday, and your Governor on Tuesday. You might change your mind on Wednesday.  ~ BP

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