Meditation And Breathing: From Ego To Oneness – Nov. 5, 2022

On a physical aspect meditating strengthens the connections between brain cells and helps activate the part of our DNA that is asleep, waiting for us to awaken it.

But, often, we forget that one of the most essential aspects of meditation is breathing, as our entire focus is to inhale and exhale.

The difference between conscious and unconscious lies here, in the moment of the silence between breaths. The life giver and taker. Allow yourself to feel the force of life within you!

Awareness of the breath brings understanding to the now, where the I AM presence resides, which is the only possible reality where we exist.

Think of no future or past. Focus only on the potentiality of our present.

Through meditation, we connect to the roots of our existence and tune into our inner world and the frequency of higher spiritual realms. Through meditation, we expand our conscious awareness and access Source information, the living library of the akashic records.

Once we experience this greatness, we become enlightened. And when we achieve enlightenment, we live the death of our misguiding human ego.

We see that we are all ONE. And so we are reborn with unconditional LOVE and a blissful sense of oneness.

Of course, the ego fears its death through meditation. That’s why sometimes it is so difficult to not lose our focus on our breathing.

Once the silence of our ego is ultimately achieved through meditation, we expand our conscious awareness from ME to WE, and we start to understand the concept of Universal Consciousness. That’s why your ego will do anything to keep you away from sitting down in solitude and silence.

Your ego will come up with endless reasons why you don’t need to meditate (“I don’t have time”, “I’ll do it tonight”, “I want to go the gym now”…). Even when you finally achieve resonance of your heart and mind through meditation, your ego will still try to interfere with its overwhelming, never-ending mind chatter.

Mastery comes with practice. And the key to this great challenge lies in muting the ego mind with its chatter of sorrow from yesterday, fear of tomorrow, and worry or jealousy or any other emotion of duality created and amplified by the ego to keep you from tuning into the frequency of the higher realms of conscious awareness, through distracting us from the now here.

However, when we become enlightened, we shift in vibrational frequency, and the ego has no place there.

It is there, in the silence of your mind, between yur breaths, where your “I AM presence”, your Angelic, Godly Higher Self IS.

Here and now is the only reality. It is the only place where you exist.

Next time you sit down to meditate, instead of fighting against your ego, try to befriend it. Our mind consists not solely of a fearful ego, it also has many advantageous abilities, and even your ego only wants to be loved.

Unfortunately, it has learned to control us. But now we must learn to be The Master.

Before you sit down in meditation, tell your ego mind that all is well, say: “Dear ego, we are going to meditate now for only 20 minutes, and I want you to be quiet during this time, so I can recharge and afterwards, I will give you a chocolate cookie as a reward for being silent and such a good friend to let me meditate a few minutes.””

It is a trick that really works for many! Thoughts will still come to your mind, but you shall not engage in them but distantly observe them and let them pass. Instead of being the actor in a movie, step a few steps behind and become the silent watcher of the film inside your head, created by your thoughts.

Watch without judging these thoughts and let them pass by until it becomes quiet.

Another thing that could help you is listening to calming music or frequencies during meditation.

Sometimes we’ll sit for 30 minutes yet unable to silence our mind, so to still our mind, we need to focus on something straightforward but essential for our survival, OUR BREATH.

Breathing will bring you back to the present moment. NOW, HERE. Breathe in and out on the count of 4 and RELAX.

It is here where all wisdom and mysteries of eternity and immortality are kept. In the silence between breaths.

People always ask me: “Aurora, where are we going?”. NOWHERE. We ‘re going nowhere, we are arriving NOW here.

Put your hand on your heart, breath deeply, and say: “I AM NOW HERE. I GROUND MYSELF FULLY INTO THIS NOW MOMENT ON GAIA”

And remember,

You are not alone.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of Light.

We are the Galactic Federation.


Divine blessings to all,

Aurora Ray

Ambassador of The Galactic Federation

Art by Aurora Ray

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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