November 4, 2022: Remember, Remember the Month of November


November 2022 will be far beyond memorable, folks. It will be unforgettable. It will be historic. Exciting. Earth-shattering. Mesmerizing. Gripping. Pivotal in Earth and Humanity’s history—for us. Hopefully it will be at least noticed by the normies.

It’s on—and the cabal criminals are in our sights. We know who they are, and what they did. They can run, but they can’t hide.

Collectively, all the militaries and intelligence agencies are working together globally to locate, extricate, imprison, and try the psychopaths in speedy military tribunals. Some of those trials are already in progress but we have word that the summer of 2023 will bring public trials.

Former President Bill Clinton featured in artwork in the New York town home of Jeffrey Epstein. Ah… the blue dress. And red shoes.

The enemy has had Humanity in their crosshairs for thousands of years, torturing and killing millions of us on a whim to maintain their power and control. The lying, cheating, stealing and predation are coming to an end. No quarter.

Are we barbarians? Are we really?

Tony Podesta front and center in the ‘red shoe club’

Anyone who doubts the punishments can review the disturbing and grisly discoveries by our brave militaries when they breached the cabal’s thousands of miles of tunnels and deep underground bases beneath our land and seas. Humans were used as food, for medical experiments, for breeding, for the sex and Human trafficking trades. They carved up our bodies and sold our organs for—whatever the buyer wanted to use them for.

If you missed this article, it leaves little to the imagination.

Humans have been sacrifices to their god for eons.

They sadistically tortured babies and children to adrenalize their blood so they could drain it from them to create the aphrodisiac they needed in the form of adrenochrome and others; their ‘fountain of youth’.

They turned our skin into leather for their prized red shoes which they flaunt in their exclusive social gatherings. The story goes that they created gaudy red rings from our blood—and their symbolism was indeed their downfall. There’s nothing like wearing a big, red target to focus the crosshairs on. It’s a small club which is probably all but decimated now after the hunt taking place these past months and years under the aegis of the Earth Alliance.

Iran’s Major Gen. Qassem Soleimani; positive identification of the body after the strike by the Allies confirmed by his ring

There are plenty of photos of popes wearing red shoes

Their artwork clearly illustrates their proclivities in cannibalism and pedophilia.

Hollywood is dead, but don’t mourn them. They sold their souls for riches, fame, and adoration. They used their free will to accept the terms of the devil and preyed on their fellow Humans while rubbing it in our faces. Sadists and cannibals, they were, yet had ignorant, programmed Humans worshipping pure evil.

Marina Abramovic ‘performance art’ and ‘spirit cooking’ events might take the cake.

Sorry if you find the above macabre but that is what came out of my fingers today. It needs to come into the public sphere. If not now, then when?

The truth is painfully slow to come out, even after someone leaked the video of Hillary Clinton slicing the face off a fifteen year-old girl to terrorize her while she and her cohort, Huma Abedin, danced in a frenzy at the thought of the adrenochrome fix they would soon enjoy.

Even after President Putin stated that the world is run by satanic pedophiles we are still waiting for the public to face the music. We have to exterminate the monsters in our midst.

There are more details in this post on Telegram.

Much more bad news is coming that many will find difficult to impossible to believe and accept. Unfortunately, it will all be true. It’s time the lies ended and we began dealing with reality. Until the truth is understood and assimilated, healing cannot take place and we cannot move forward as a civilization.

If you’re not following SGAnon on Truth Social, you might want to do that. This is a link to the video he posted of the White Hats picking up Nancy Pelosi at her home in San Francisco.

You can also watch Greg Kelly’s interesting coverage of the footage on his Newsmax broadcast. When someone on social media posed the question, “Where’s Nancy?” the other day, I had my suspicions it was her time. Her husband Paul has been in the news too many times to discount at this point.

If you thought that was fun, you have to watch Tucker Carlson and maybe even Sean Hannity afterward. The photo Fox keeps showing of Nancy Pelosi on Tucker’s segment is a hoot. The good guys are clearly having fun with the positive news and the absurd antics from the lunatic left as they squirm while crapping their pants, as SGAnon put it. It seems there is nothing they won’t say on Fox now, and that says a lot for the status of the war at this point. The full 57 min. is here on Telegram.

If you’re not on Telegram, here’s a sample with the camera-loving Pelosi:

But wait—the saga is not over. Q the Storm Rider posted on Telegram.

Long story short.

Pelosi tried to have her husband KILLED. He was becoming a huge liability ( he was caught partying multiple times and with latest DUI arrest… He was a huge problem and TALKING TO MUCH WHEN HE’S DRUNK ABOUT DEEP AGENDAS)…..

The idea Pelosi Handler’s ( Clintons CIA black ops) was to use Paul Pelosi’s gay lover to kill him and of course blame the killing on Trump supporters and January 6 AGENDA.

Unfortunately the HAMMER to the head only cracked Paul’s SKULL
( attempted murder)

Kill two birds with one stone.
Get rid of the LIABILITY and HELP create CIVIL WAR.
THE 6 SECURITY DOGS IN THE HOUSE( KNEW DAVID). Pelosi house had broken windows.. Broken from the inside out.
>Nancy Pelosi the third most high ranking official in

the U.S. had no personal security at her home that night…. Even though California is one of the most crime infested states in the country and as SUPPOSED ( false) millions of TRUMP SUPPORT is causing civil unrest
… Even in this moment Nancy had no SECURITY for her house.


As news has broken that Paul knew the man and the man was a BLM. follower and has gay flags outside his home ( travel Van)…. Is very highly unlikely he was a republican.

The strange twist to this story is Paul and David were both near naked in underwear.

The Truth is simple . Nancy wanted Paul dead and [ DS] operations FAILED in their plan to KILL PAUL. ( Hammer to the head. Cracked skull.. But the assailant got a lesser charge… )///
>]WIRES: There was a third man in the house………… 
How do you keep a secret between three men…. The only way is to KILL the other two////

Well that didn’t happen…..

Whos going to sing?

You can’t make this up. We also heard Nancy was complicit in a plot to assassinate President Trump, which might account for the odd news of an intruder at Mar-a-Lago recently. What a ‘movie’.

Apparently the lights were out in West Hollywood, and we know what happens when the lights go out. This is a very close delta from the Q drops. This appears to be the last drop this particular Q team member posted before someone else took over at the boards.

Nov 02, 2017 7:31:24 PM EDT
Anonymous ID: WBXFv1gI No. 147683156
Fellow Patriots,
I’m being advised actions have created accelerated counter-actions.
We have not yet ascertained the scope of the attack.
Watch the news outlets.
POTUS’ Twitter take down was not by accident (as referenced several hours ago).
Should the LIGHTS GO OUT please know we are in control.
Do not panic.
We are prepared and assets are in place.
God bless – I must go for good at this point.

I caught the following in a private group on Telegram. I hope it’s true because Oz needs help.

we have US navy ships in sydney harbour this morning could this be a sign?

Twitter, under Chief Twit Elon Musk, is under fire for a large number of layoffs. Why? Any time there is a merger, acquisition, buyout of a company, or hostile takeover, layoffs and restructuring take place. New owners get rid of the “dead wood” and give themselves room to evaluate and meet the needs of the owner, managers, stockholders, etc. and implement their policies. What’s the big deal?

It has taken far too long to deliver justice to the monsters roaming the Earth

MS-13 gang members sentenced for kidnapping and murdering 2 juveniles in VA

We’re sick of their fake pandemics and fascist tactics to control us. Why don’t more people speak up? Why don’t more DOCTORS, who know their “science” is bullshit—speak up? The Brownstone Institute says the following is a 17 minute read.

Censorship and Defamation: Weapons of Control

Or perhaps it’s because doctors know the fate of many other doctors had more finality. You can watch the video at Brasscheck TV. This sudden death took place in 2013. 1 hr. 9 min.

Another great autism researcher/truth teller dies mysteriously

The unexplained death of Andrew Moulden Ph.D. MD

And lets not forget the suspicious and unexplained deaths of around one hundred holistic doctors in the past few years who may have shared a common thread. Dr. Joseph Mercola’s wife and activist Erin Elizabeth began tracking the deaths, astounded as they continued to mount to astonishing numbers. You can read the article at her substack at this link.

After all this, still these psychopaths have the gall to suggest amnesty for the Covid conn—as if we will simply forget everything they have done over the years; assassinating presidents and their families, murdering thousands of people on 9/11, the incessant wars annihilating our family members who believe they are in service to their countries, the poisoning of our air, food, water, the eugenics plans and experiments they conducted on all of us, the control of our medical system to take us out with their toxic pills and potions, turning doctors into legal drug pushers and killing our pets with same… it never ends. Their life’s work is to cull the population to a number small enough to control and still serve them.

The litany of their crimes cannot be plumbed. Or forgiven. Or forgotten. We can never, ever, forget that we, the Human species on Earth, were taken to the brink of extinction while they profited, played, and preyed on us, because sentient Human Beings were their playthings. Justice is begging to be done.

They are so insane, they cannot stop being who they are, and don’t care who sees it. They think tactics like the following can stop the truth from coming out; can save them. Why doesn’t their god Satan save them? I believe Satan has already been vanquished and it’s only his demons who remain to terrorize us.

It’s too late. There’s nothing they can do. Link to Telegram.

A poll of registered voters was conducted to “test QAnon’s language that the world is controlled by a secret cabal”.

It didn’t quite go as planned 

Almost HALF of the respondents (44%) said they believe the federal government is controlled by a secret cabal 

Further proof that people are waking up and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

They weren’t finished killing us, folks. We also hear they were creating an aerosolized rabies bioweapon to shower upon us. Thank goodness Putin and others have found and shut down their biolabs.

BOMBSHELLS: Bioweaponized aerial drone patent uncovered; toxic venom peptides scientifically CONFIRMED in the blood and feces of covid victims

Take heart, my friends. The show is far from over. The Alliance mocks them and bests them at them at every turn.

Blood moon lunar eclipse to rise on Election Day

We just don’t know who to trust. I saw this the other day and ran out of time to share it. Link to Telegram for video.

BREAKING  Former US secretary of state and ex-CIA head, Mike Pompeo, has been formally served with a lawsuit alleging he spied on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and visitors while he took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Pompeo is accused of providing oversight for a criminal conspiracy to violate 4th Amendment rights of American lawyers and journalists inside the Ecuadorian embassy. The CIA, and UC Global/UC Global director David R. Morales Guillen, are also listed as defendants.

This is a dangerous time for us all. The brave people who stepped up to represent us in government are doing so at great risk because of the fear and panic the psychotic predators are feeling currently.

Midterms horror as Republican candidate’s daughters, three and five, are almost KILLED after gunman opens fire at North Carolina home – where Democrat rival filmed campaign ad – with bullet landing close to where they slept 

This is why they ask us to pray regularly. We need all the assistance and protection we can get at this point for the patriots.

On a lighter note, did you see the MAGAnificent Trump rally in Sioux City, Iowa last night? I only saw the end. Some caught the “air Q’s” and posted the video on Telegram.

We also have this acknowledgement: Link to Telegram.

Came out on stage at 8:36pm Eastern!!!
8 + 3 + 6 = 17!!!
Love it!!! LFG!!!

You can see the next rally on Saturday, November 5 in Latrobe, Pennsylvania on Right Side Broadcasting Network on Rumble.

I hear that a crew member in Canada was unable to access this site recently and got an error message. WordPress did an automatic plugin update which might have affected users. I don’t see a dramatic drop in views so I think it was an isolated incident. Hopefully it is working properly again now.

It is now three days until November 8; the day midterm elections are supposed to take place. Hang in there everyone. The whole world is watching and things could get rough.  ~ BP

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One thought on “November 4, 2022: Remember, Remember the Month of November

  1. doubt adrenochrome is a youth drug… many of the baddies look like their faces are melting, and for many years. I think the stuff’s only just to get them high and horny, not a youth drug.


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