New US Currency (USTN) Will Be Announced by End of Week – (No Later Than Election Day Tue. Nov. 8) & Proof The RV Started Exchanging Iraqi Dinars ~ Nov. 3, 2022


Editor’s Note: As currency exchanges are happening…first reported earlier tonight here.


New US Currency (USTN) Will Be Announced by End of Week – (No Later Than Election Day Tue. Nov. 8) & Proof The RV Started Exchanging Iraqi Dinars

Via email

———- Original Message ———-
From: Dan Mahnke
Date: 11/03/2022 10:53 AM
Subject: Proof Currency Exchanges in Iraq With Dinars

Proof Currency Exchanges in Iraq With Dinars

Directly from the U.S. Department of Defense website:
“A bank worker exchanges old currency for new Iraqi dinars at the Rasheed Bank in Mosul, Iraq, during the first day of the currency exchange, Oct. 15. Photo by Spc. Patricia Lage, USA”

Since on September 11, 2001 NESARA was to be announced at 10 AM EDT, the USA blamed supposed Iraqi terrorists had captured planes and flew them into the WTC Towers and Pentagon an hour earlier, and then the US Military attacked Iraq and other countries to take their wealth of gold and precious metals to then impoverish them. Now 21 years later Iraq is now out of bankruptcy and financially independent with being gold backed with their new Iraqi Dinars.

Iraq was the first country to go gold backed, but like Russia and the others in BRICS have already done so, yet here is proof from the US DoD that they are already exchanging their old currency with their new currency.

It has been reported that the new US Currency, the USTN, will be announced by the end of this week if not by election day the 8th. ALL Sheriffs’ departments, Police departments, security agencies and other law enforcement agencies are to have heads up this new transition for the new USTNs to be exchanged and in use and not have massive arrests for the assumed counterfeit currency being used, and with the bad cops seizing it for themselves. So your banks and credit unions should be informing people of the exchanges and major stores to start with will be using them as well so do not be surprised.

There will also be Martial Law imposed for the next 2-3 weeks in the major cities to keep things calm for this transition, but it is presumed that the United Nations will not have their troops moving around for the deep state to take control. So stay in your homes if there is major commotion around and you see those troops, and you Sheriffs should already be informed of this.


Here is something I put out on Saturday for those interested:

Exchanging Bonds and Notes by Danlboon – 10.29.22

“This is how to catch the criminals from getting richer with them selling their old US Treasury Bonds and massive amounts of Federal Reserve Notes to then purchase gold backed USTNs.
“There should be the QFS set in place for recording the exchange of the old US Treasury Bonds and bundles of cash from drug deals, money laundering, illegals or just blatant thefts. Do we want to catch the bad guys? YES! This is where those that want to continue with using the Federal Reserve Notes here and in foreign countries to continue in their crimes it will be no more. Yeah, suitcases full of FRNs will be no more.


The Time is Yet to Come Saith the Lord God Almighty!


Establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission [Enacting NESARA and the Republic on Nov 2, 2020]

I-XII Amendments to the Constitution, 1789-1804

Organic Act of 1871 [Feb 21, 1871]


The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission

Declaration for the California Republic, 2020

House Joint Resolution 192 of JUNE 5, 1933

Without Prejudice

Dan Mahnke

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