Q) The Storm Rider – INSIDE THE FOG OF WAR ~ Nov. 3, 2022


Jimmy Chérizier also known by the pseudonym “Babekyou” (or “Barbecue”) is a Haitian gang leader and former police officer who is the head of G9 an fanmi e alye (or G9 Family and Allies), a federation of over a dozen Haitian gangs based in Port-au-Prince. In the late summer of 2022, Chérizier took control of D.U.M.B.s in [HAITI] that were being run by the Clinton’s and Obama’s black military projects operations.

These Underground bases were the centering points for MASS human/children trafficking, BIOLABS, and adrenochrome production through(out) the Caribbean sea that supplied the Epstein/Maxwell ROTHSCHILDs regime. To this day, hundreds of thousands of kids are missing in HAITI. The missing children of HAITI is openly connected to Investigations where children by the thousands disappear from hospitals every year.

HAITI was EXPOSED to [DS] military Projects that caused major earthquakes and floods due to Tectonic weapons. This intentional (attack/destruction) was ordered by the ROTHSCHILDS (DS inside PENTAGON) on behalf of the CLINTONS who were going to be EXPOSED for human trafficking just weeks before. As HAITI collapsed [inside] (due to) the EARTHQUAKES, the CLINTONS stole over 80% of the GOLD RESERVE in HAITI and over, through the (corrupt) government in the aftermath through colour revolutions.

The Deep Underground Bases in HAITI were connected directly to EPSTEIN ISLAND with three SUBMARINES occupying the base….

THE LARGEST CHILDREN TRAFFICKING OPERATIONS RING of the Caribbean sea is CENTERED IN HAITI. With Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica human/children trafficking operations connected to directly to HAITI Labs and D.U.M.B.s facilities. Just a stone’s throw away is the Little Saint James Island, which is also known as EPSTEIN ISLAND.

Today Jimmy Chérizier is Fighting the Deep State and is crucified by the world MEDIA, world Leaders as the EXPOSURE of Child trafficking/adrenochrome/BIOLABS/ inches closer to EXPOSURE as the U.S. White HATS get ready to take public CONTROL (OVERT) of the United States Military Operations connected to the CABAL crime families: OBAMA, CLINTONS, ROTHSCHILDS who are (have been) protected by the BLACKHATS IN FBI, PENTAGON, CIA, DOJ, etc. (30 to 40% of US military is Deep State)

HAITI is inside a [DS] MILITARY ATTACK that is about to happen. As BIDEN had sent his Secretary of State Blinken to Canada, and try to get U.N. support to invade HAITI. For many reasons Obama, CLINTONS, BIDEN, want HAITI CONTROL FROM THE OIL RESERVE THAT
Jimmy Chérizier IS BLOCKING FROM THE U.S. TO THE [DS] operations, the DS U.S. leaders (who) have (been) involved in HAITI.

THE U.N. (good white  HATS inside UN.*.INFILTRATION) have denied an invasion of HAITI and so (the) CIA, DS PENTAGON, CLINTONS. and BIDEN have turned to (the) BAHAMAS for military invasion.

[THEY] are trying desperately to cover CRIMES of HAITI and at the same time Jimmy Chérizier
knows he has a ♦️ CARD to BLACKMAIL the DEEP STATE REGIME.

WIRES; report Chérizier is in talks with RUSSIA for Defence. But also Chérizier is getting too cocky holding this ♦️ CARD and could sell out……


~ ~ ~

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