November 3, 2022: Ouch! Another Sting Come Back to Bite Them [videos]

It’s getting really crazy now folks. Super exciting. So much is happening it’s impossible to take it all in and share it so I hope you’re “well connected” on Twitter, Truth Social, Telegram, and Rumble.

There were a lot of 2’s in the date yesterday. I love numbers, don’t you? What is next week, when the midterm election is slated to take place? Link to Telegram.

The brilliance is almost never ending, when I see the plan from a 60,000ft overhead view

The week of the November “midterm” election in the United States, is also the 45th week of 2022.

You can’t tell me that is a coincidence.

#POTUS45 went on an interview just yesterday and was asked a direct question about the midterm
The President side-stepped the question entirely, and didn’t even acknowledge it. Why?


 Because the Commander in Chief cannot telegraph Op_Specs.

Qincidence? What do you suppose might happen on the 45th week of the year for POTUS #45, eh?

Is this a hint?

The story in Brazil is brilliant. The boys from Brazil had a sting op running and Mike Lindell is friends with Bolsonaro’s son, if you recall, so he has all the dirt on what they did and how they did it. It’s basically a mirror of what happened in 2020 in USA.

Mike Lindell: 5.1 Million votes stolen from Brazilian President Bolsonaro through voting machines!!

— Adalberto Franzoni (@AdalbertoFranz1) November 3, 2022

As I said, how they handle the steal in Brazil will set the precedent for what should happen in America to restore Trump to the throne. It’s like a test to show people what happens all over the world—not only in the USA. Massive election fraud—only now millions are aware of it. If people see that the people of Brazil demanded the military step in then it won’t be such a big deal to expect it in America. They broke the ice.

Just look at the phenomenal number of people protesting in Brazil—yet our MSM has zero coverage of this.

Brazilian patriots besiege the military command in Rio de Janeiro. They ask the military leaders to arrest Lula: “We will not allow a corrupt criminal to rule us!” Mass protests across Brazil.

— RadioGenova (@RadioGenova) November 2, 2022

The military has to step in as the People of Brazil are out in staggering numbers to demand they arrest Lula and do an audit. How many times do we have to prove it? “These people are stupid.” They’re so stupid they thought we’d fall for their “murder hornet” fear porn campaign. I can’t even type the name without laughing. Now who’s getting stung?

WATCH: Large numbers of Brazilian military forces arrive in Rio De Janeiro following demonstrations over the legitimacy of country’s presidential election.


— BandOfBrothersQ(@BandOfBrothersQ) November 2, 2022

Here’s a machine refusing to accept a vote for Bolsonaro.


 Voting machine not working when trying to vote for Bolsonaro.


— ਟੋਮੈ ਬਾਆ  (@aMePrGQX3dSE6TX) November 1, 2022

Wow. History in the making.

#BRAZIL: Young girl gives flowers and a Brazilian flag to a Brazilian Army Soldier in a military barrack during the peaceful protests taking place in the country calling for military action against Lula’s rising to power.

— Direto da América (Brazil Special Reporting) (@DiretoDaAmerica) November 2, 2022

New today is this image from the Brazilian state of Amazonas. Stunning.

Hello @LeoDiCaprio @MarkRuffalo 
If the president @jairbolsonaro does not defend the Amazonia, why the people of the state of Amazonas defend the goverment of President Bolsonaro?

— Pri (@BoicoteE) November 3, 2022

We have an update on the status of Gregg Phillips after he and Catherine Engelbrecht were arrested. Sometimes you just can’t stop providence. Or The Plan. Link to Telegram.

An update by way of Gregg Phillips’ son:

Update on Gregg:
So, the Warden’s wife is a Patriot! The Warden was not following the case, but his wife was. After finding out that Gregg and Catherine was at their location, and connecting the dots as to whom they were, the Warden came in and spoke to Gregg and Catherine for some time.
After the discussion, the Warden, being a Patriot and Constitution-loving bad-ass, cleared an entire floor and have Gregg housed there. Door open. Rec room whenever he wants.

(presumably Catherine is also being taken care of, but that info was not included in the update)

I had a feeling that incident wouldn’t be bad for the dynamic duo. Now they are safe for the time being, regardless of what happens with the election and the rest.

As for the November midterms… this is what SGAnon pinned to his Truth Social account:


Let me get this straight …

>Multiple sources report cancellation of US midterm elections
>Trump continues to tell us “I don’t know how we’ll have a fair election again”, and avoids direct questions re: US Midterms
>Same week, MASSIVE fraud in Brazil election
>Scavino then posts video on 11/2/22 @ 02:12
>Qdrop51 has ~exact same delta, day and timestamp~
>Drop says “The time is now .. God is with us”, and is one of the only drops to be signed not only by Q, but by the WH alliance (“WH”)


A lot of things are still happening that will affect the midterm election if there is one, but also future elections.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules mail-in, absentee ballots in undated envelopes won’t count

SGAnon guested on the Charlie Ward Show. It’s a good interview about the facts and reality of what is happening and why. Charlie also points out that when “truthers” in the community start attacking other truthers, just let it go. Leave them and go to a real patriot who doesn’t have time for attacks on all the good people contributing to our movement. The imposters will get outed at some point.

SGAnon Sits Down w/ Charlie Ward Show

If they are releasing this kind of information [below], we can only imagine what they are not and will not release—at least for a long time. The average Joe is going to have a hard time assimilating what it has taken us years to incrementally learn and accept. Thanks to the crew for the heads up.

Marines Make Gruesome Discovery in California

This post was meant to go out yesterday but I forgot to hit the ‘publish’ button after our walk so I am adding to it and this is the perfect spot to put SGAnon’s DO NOT MISS update from last night. Red October launched the hunt, folks. He confirms that multi-national military cooperation has been executing the mass arrests.

That would apply to Paul Pelosi, and that is why the media put out that absolute BS about the attack at their home that made no sense. He’s toast and probably at GTMO awaiting his tribunal. You will love this update. I believe it also confirms in a general way the article above about what the military discovered. We hope there will be plenty of healing provided for those poor souls. What they have endured is torture for Human sensibilities.

US Mil Mass Arrests are Underway | Deep State Desperate to Flee | US Marines Domestic Ops

We know that many evil controllers have been addressed already. This is from a recent post by Ben FulfordLink to Telegram.


We’re getting multiple, fantastic intel/perspective drops from Q the Storm Rider on Telegram. Here’s one:


_From the EXPOSURE of DOJ ( FBI. PENTAGON) Memos and paper and direct ACCOUNTS into Facebook ( TWITTER , GOOGLE, YOUTUBE <<this comes soon.. NEXT )…. +++these DROPS were given to certain individual Journalist who
who dropped the STORIES.

_From Military Whistleblowers who just dropped the Direct links to vaccines damages inside the U.S. military forces
Direct from military coding systems> The U.S. of DEFENSE MEDICAL EPIDEMIOLOGY DATA BASE.
: Miscarriages
; MiO carditis
:Bells Palsy
: Female infertility
: And many many other health conditions<
+++these DROPS Were given to the WHISTLEBLOWERS..
Dale Saran ELITE lawyer with high connections to U S Attorney General’s is also an ex.Marine
and leads several Military soldier Whistleblowers with law suits against the U.S. government, using their own hidden EXPOSED Data


_EXPOSING the FBI . in Canada . The U.S. Through the EU. In Their corruption working with local officials and government, giving them FALSE Reports and DATA
( In Canada the story is breaking how FBI was illegally working with Canada law Enforcement
To subdue funds, track Canadians , track politicians and bankings accounts…. And stopping the Truckers MOVEMENT that led to mass arrest )//// > WIRES;The CANADIAN Military COMMANDERS have issued Warnings to the FBI & CSIS ( [DS]CANADIAN INTEL) on behalf of the people of Canada to STAND DOWN on their ILLEGAL operations.
///Every since TRUMP STOOD BY THE FLAGS WITH 11 ON ONE SIDE AND 3 FLAGS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF HIM….. Several COUNTRIES Mil. Commanders have issued private messages to their [ DS] government REGIMENS……….. WARNING 


_FBI>>>>>>>> FISA<<<<<<<<<< [ DURHAM]
His sealed indictments… CONNECT the world 5 eyes SYSTEM

BEHIND the SCENES RUSSIA and the U.S. PENTAGON ( white hats in the 3 letter agencies are working together……./)..
+Military intelligence Brigades




The Fog of WAR

In Pakistan also the People have taken to the streets and violent clashes are taking place. Their former Prime Minister was shot in the leg, and even the military establishments are being attacked. Again, no coverage in the MSM. So much of our plane[et] is in an uproar yet they don’t include it in the “news”? That is not journalism. What they peddle is pure propaganda and lies and they will get their due.

BREAKING Heavy clashes in Pakistan #BreakingNews #ImranKhan

— NEWS ALL TIME (@NEWS_ALL_TIME) November 3, 2022

And this is surprising. We thought Bibi was a bad guy with all that embezzling and stuff, didn’t we? All those forced injections in Israel. Some things just aren’t true, I guess.

JUST IN – Netanyahu bloc wins majority in Israel’s election: result

Yair Lapid, the acting prime minister, concedes defeat.

There is plenty of good news, folks. This new short video about the relationships through the years is fantastic. Families vs families, like I said. They will play whatever role is called for and fight fire with fire to eradicate the plague from Earth. Link to Telegram.

This video from the founder of The Weather Channel tells the straight goods on the ‘climate change’ hoax. 6 min. Watch on Telegram.

If you want to dig into the geoengineering, check out Amandha Vollmer’s substack article. Good stuff.

Here’s a parting message on what we can expect… or not. It’s from SGAnon. Link to Telegram – a channel set up by someone else to share his info, including from Truth Social.

I stand behind my information- US 2022 Midterm Elections will not happen.
At absolute minimum, they will be administered by the US military, and traitors to the Republic will be apprehended in simultaneously
occurring Ops surrounding the Election Day.

It sounds like Nov 8 will be the notable day we have expected after what has occurred on the previous 8th day of the months. If that is how it goes down, we can expect America to be in a bit of an uproar over the next few weeks. I hope you’re ready for anything.

In case you wondered… the origins of Q follows. There are those who have seen and understood what happened to Humanity and did something about it, although for a long time from my perspective it seemed like nothing was done—because it was handled behind the scenes, quietly, to avoid upset and retaliation, and so they could get all the proof they would need to show Humanity and protect us while they executed subsequent stages of the operation..

SGAnon told us the Alliance has been monitoring elections for some time. In the US, minimum ten years.

You know what they say: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” They are sticking by The Plan no matter what. It’s critical. That is why Q said “Enjoy the show”. Just relax, let it unfold as it must, and have faith that the Patriots are in control. I have felt that and never doubted since I understood who Q is and saw and felt the noble, just, empathetic nature of the team. While loving and gentle, they are also ruthless when there is no other option.

I hope everyone can see now why The Plan is so intricate, sensitive, protected, and vital to our survival. If it is to succeed then it can’t be rushed. Certain criteria must be met to move forward. If there were no plan, we wouldn’t be here having this conversation. Link to Telegram.

The first video I saw this morning blew me away. A real man stepped up and named names. The pedo cop at the school didn’t deny it but was unfortunately wearing a mask. Who wears masks? Criminals. Watch the 2 minute video on Telegram. I can’t find it on Twitter.

On a light note, I think you’ll like the video below. They sneak in all kinds of images that they don’t discuss which speak volumes and give us a chuckle.

The factual info is terrific. Earth is a form of the word “Aether”. I know. We’ve been so deceived.

I think the crew shared this. If so, our appreciation. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get to the many links from the comments. 12 min.

Aether…the 5th element

I’ll leave you with that and see you next post. Make sure you have lots of popcorn on hand.  ~ BP

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