Hello dear Sparks of Soul!

Receive what resonates in your heart. I will share my inner vision and experiences and hopefully I will activate the light codes already in your consciousness, which will generate inner realizations and realizations.

Light is what makes everything visible and creates the worlds. If a light source is lit in a dark room, it immediately lights up everything, making everything visible. Light has consciousness and is extremely intelligent. The more light you embody, the faster your inner light speed, aka intelligence and perception. As you move higher in Ascension and frequency and your cells vibrate faster, your consciousness grips everything around you faster and easier and you will realize and see more and more of the Big Picture. Bad/darkness is always in the service of good/light. Higher Force, Source, Body/Heart of Creation writes all the impulses created by lower frequencies with love. This is the deeper law of creation. If bad Creatures deceptively believe that they have the power to rule, manipulate, kill and do other ugliness, then with a single snap of a finger they knock off the checker button that is no longer needed to carry out a higher plan. This is how it works. And everyone is fully responsible for the energy they send out of themselves. No one can escape the consequences of their actions. Many are held still only until their purpose from higher view is met and then they are gone in an instant. What unfolds is the Divine Plan that no creature can change. This is an experience where a portion of consciousness has turned from universal law / cosmic law, from natural to unnatural, and this experience is played through to see its result – suffering, violence, death, destruction. This question was raised in cosmic creation and it gets its answer through experience. Old building/tower, 3D Matrix is already cracking internally and immediately it will collapse completely. Those who do not choose to perish with it, can move the Spiral of Ascension to go through the TRANSITION on planet Earth. We are the ones who create the New Earth and bring Heaven to Earth / Paradise / Golden Age. We become superhumans who have super consciousness. We are recollecting who we truly are by stepping into our power and sovereignty. We are here to witness this huge change. It is beyond greatness that is happening, although it is also a time where the ground is shaking under our feet and we must learn to navigate it. This Transition or Transformation is already taking place and no force can stop it.

Planet Earth’s consciousness split into two with the transition and it created a spiral that moves both upwards which is a spiral of Ascension and downwards which is a spirul of decline. The current 3D Matrix has kept mankind in a cycle of samsara aka rebirth as their own batteries / food chain and its rulers are doing everything to lead more and more people down the decline spiral.\n This is what traps of consciousness are used for, which I’m trying to explain in detail:

*** The first of these is lying and cheating people. It’s a mask of fake caring, showing on the outside that they care and help people, but actually they’re scamming them straight into a downward spiral. Things are turned upside down. Good has been turned evil and evil into good. Using the phrases, “I care/we care” justify their heinous acts in disguise of benefactors. Their ultimate purpose is to cut people from their higher spiritual consciousness and make them obedient servants who don’t ask questions but just follow orders.

*** The second trap is the transgender agenda. In an attempt to divide the congenital male-female pool of people, the transition from Adam aka human form to Adam Kadmon aka the divine human form is being prevented. This transition can only take place when two poles merge in the formation of Merkaba in human energy bodies. Merkaba builds an energetic Diamond in the Heart of a person when the male and female merge.

When these codes are confused, it is impossible to enter the Resurrection super-consciousness.

*** One trap is chaining people to sexuality. Lower sexuality/lust is what is promoted by the entire film industry and is considered to be the only driving force around which your whole life revolves. These programs are about addictions that glue people to themselves. Belief is built on the idea of finding a partner that is the key to true happiness. But how many of those couples who have gotten there living in ego? These programs promise paradise but the result is hell. Ego only leads to greater imbalance and fight in relationships. Society is trapped in searching for a sexual partner and other people are seen only as objects. If you can’t find someone, something is wrong with you and you’re unhappy aka low frequency. It seems to me that our inner desire and search to find God within ourselves has been twisted into seeking a partner outside of ourselves. Each of us is male and female, and their unification we seek, to reach the God within us, whose halves are united. When a person moves into the Ascension spiral, they are often disconnected from these partnership programs, so that they do not interfere with their focus on the most important thing – building a connection from the inside. There’s nothing wrong with you if you can’t find a match, but everything is right, so that you can focus on the real connection that’s going to happen inside you.

*** The next trap is creating fear, insecurity through external manipulated events. For example war,intimidation of the future by painting terrible pictures of it,intimacy of poverty,poverty,terrorist etc etc. Somebody has to be the enemy at all times and someone has to fight against. If you fall into a trap and begin to fear or fight, your frequency has immediately been able to be lowered and it will be impossible for you to move into the Ascension spiral. Also into your own sovereignty because you’ve been turned into a fearful dependent human living in need. Mass media is used for this manipulation, which manipulates people’s emotions and feelings.

*** Another trap is to make a person feel worthless. To feel that he is nobody, has no power and cannot change the circumstances around him. This is done with individuals, groups and the whole humanity, bringing them to the level of a helpless child who needs to be constantly taught, led and directed, told what should and cannot be done. The entire 3D matrix has been built for Experts who know how things work and for a person who has no idea and if he wants to know, he has to listen to others/experts. Also, the whole climate manipulation topic reaches to the point that man is so spoiled and utterly bad that his purely being here on planet Earth destroys this planet. It is taking a person back to the idea of sin, that they are bad and need redemption. Is it through the death? This is all a complete reversal from the truth, because every human being is a powerful Divine Being, he has just become naive to believe in his own powerlessness. Everyone who is on this planet right now is destined to be here and their presence here is important.

*** Since the Spiral of the Resurrection is still going on, attempts are made to intervene to prevent or at least slow it down. It is mixed with opposing ideas that are sown to mislead people on this journey and pull them down a downward spiral. Poisoning is on all levels – physically, mentally & emotionally. Controversy, misinformation, fights against each other are created. Everyone who dares to think differently than the matrix envisions and what ideas it spreads are conspiracy theorists. The process of Ascension cannot be anything else than a PERSON COMING BACK TO HIS OWN SIZE AND FORCE. He puts on his head a king CROWN (which is the open crown chakra) that belongs to him and he will no longer worship or serve foreign kings. Anything that says otherwise is manipulation. No one is coming to save us. No one is the boss or boss.

No one has the whole picture because all Lightworkers are part of the One Whole and support each other with their gifts. The Big Picture is opening up more and more thanks to all the different lightworkers who are DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF ONE. Separation or looking for followers to worship you are God’s complexes that inevitably lead to a collapse. Only a pure person who is internally innocent as a child and externally very aware and has stepped out of their naivety can move forward. Cosmic Spirit opens itself only to such a person who immediately closes the doors to self-importance and arrogance.\n Spirituality is also not flying around as a white angel, but the Ascension process is overcoming your lower self by looking at the end of the darkness within and then overcoming it.

*** Another trap is clinging to the truths. Is a thing or idea right or wrong? But what if it’s both right and wrong, depending on which point of view? There are many different truths to this. There are cosmic truths and human truths. Truths can change, and in the process of Resurrection they will. Man’s beliefs expand to divine knowledge in the big picture. Getting stuck on the scales of right and wrong will prevent you from moving forward.

The ability to create inner silence is important. Listen to your own pure heart and gut feeling. Intuition can speak when the mind waves are crashing. Let go and allow everything to be. Allowing yourself to leave the complexion of thoughts into just being. Let everything eternal come and go. The only thing that remains is an open heart forever in the presence. This heart feels love and sacredness to all life and nature. This is our inner Compass who never gets lost and can’t catch any traps.

Be safe out there!

With love.


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