Not Long To Go now beloveds ~ Nov. 2, 2022


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Here is my latest video I made for you all

Dearest beautiful brothers and sisters 

Last night, I was listening to a very sacred and important presentation by Santos Bonacci, and he was talking about sacred sexuality and twin flames. It got me thinking back to a post I saw a couple of days ago where quite a few people were commenting, “Thank God I’ve escaped the illusion of the twin flame paradigm.” 

It was quite something to read those words because these people that were saying this genuinely think that the whole concept of twin flames is nonsense and an illusion, and they feel that they have hit the spiritual victory award by detaching themselves from the twin flame path when absolutely nothing could be further from the truth.

The twin flame path is the path of ascension, and is the gateway to your full ascended consciousness because the twin flame is the mirror of God. And as you experience unity, oneness, and sacred merge on the astral plane with your twin flame, this indeed is the gateway to full union with all that is, including the understanding of our oneness with all our brothers and sisters and all beings in our multiverse.

The energies are deeply building up for this Day of the Dead ceremony, and I cannot wait to be with all of you in my community. My meetings with you on Zoom are truly the highlight of my month. To see all your beautiful, exquisite faces and observe the depth of emotion and transformation that happens in the transmissions is truly the greatest privilege of my life.

Please remember, everyone, to bring your pictures of your ancestors and sacred offerings. Oranges are a very, very powerful offering for spirits, cinnamon, crystals, anything that your heart desires, a flower, even or a plant.

We will be following a somewhat traditional Day of the Dead ceremony with a galactic twist.In the ceremony, we will be activating the Rainbow Bridge to the higher dimensional realms and we will have a meeting with our ancestors that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

This is very, very important and beneficial to do this great work as we are literally bringing Heaven down to Earth and lifting Earth up to Heaven. This is the great work of the soul, the magnum opus.

I understand that everyone attending the ceremony will experience an auspicious blessing from their ancestral line and be able to send phenomenal and deep penetrating white light throughout their ancestral lineage, particularly for the seven generations in front.

This is spiritual work of the highest caliber, and I have so much respect for all of those souls that hear the call to participate in work of this nature.

The ceremony starts at 7.17 PM UK time, and please make sure to check your emails to get the PDF with the Zoom link.

I really deeply cannot wait to be with you all later.

In love and eternal light, Jen.

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