Thomas Anderson: News Flash for November 1, 2022

News Flash

Dear Readers

here a summary of some headlines in the news from the last days…

did you ever ask yourself where Europe got the gas from before there was a pipeline from Russia?

it was from the Netherlands…

their gas ressources go beyond the Russian ones.

but the gas exploitation led to some damages on houses, some of them bigger damage.

so they took advantage of that and closed the field with this argumentation.


1trillion worth of gas in one field alone.

could be opened ANY time.

and to pay the people for some minor or major damages on some houses should not be a problem

in comparison to the destruction of EUROPEs industry….

the explosion on the NorthStream 2 pipeline may have been done by british forces…

may have been done by US forces…

will we know some day? military stays silent for now

so let me repeat…

Germany has a contract with Russia for the delivery of gas from Russia for a very good price

and even if they don’t take the gas, the money has to be paid anyway (because of the very low price)

the only way to get out of this contract is force majeur.

for example a terror attack on the pipeline.

the german minister for economy goes to the U.S. and “sets a final end to the pipeline” (somehow).

days later the owner and boss of the maintanence company for the pipeline and his family go missing in their plane over the north sea.

days later the pipleline explodes.

1 minute later british premier minister says to US foreign minister “its done”

days later the chief inspector of the police who investigates what was done at the pipeline dies of an attack of a honey bee, dies within minutes, and gets cremated only 2 hours later.


some more pdfs to read…

Alien Atlas and more…

book of alian races, Montauk project …

and more

and more…

looks like it wont take long to let things explode

French tanks in Romania…

while german military has a stock of ammunition that would last for 2 (T W O ) days in case of a war


I know Blitzkrieg is a german invention, but, hell, 2 days??

that is challenging…

technological breakthrough (now official, although this kind of technology is available for decades already)

This is a breakthrough of epic proportions, as a single chip has set a new data transfer record of 1.8 petabytes per second. One petabyte is equivalent to 1,000 terabytes, or about 500 billion pages of standard printed text. The entire Library of Congress could be transferred 100 times in a single second. The impact…

here a nice one

anti-surveillance-camera / face recognition clothing..

it works great !!

BASF. the worlds largest chemical company, will leave germany, it´s origin,

where it was a small (!) part of the worlds former largest company IG Farben,

after more than 135 years of existence and go to China.

jobs in Germany are all lost. reason: high gas prices…

of course there is much much more in the channel

about covid, vaccination, vaccination by air patent, china concentration camps,

the brasil election massacre  and more and more and more…

but for now,

that’s it

I´ll keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “Thomas Anderson: News Flash for November 1, 2022

  1. Fuckingwwow everything is nutz, technology has made the world shell hard nutcases who are cracking up. Flabbergasted, in awe, and disbelief sometimes these last few years. Nothing before compares not even the late 70’s but cracks on the park grass smoking grass ears on music.


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