Kat Is The Sea ~ Nov. 1, 2022

When we start learning the TRUTH everything flips. 
Like Gaddafi —

Juan O Savin
“When Gaddafi came into power
& that went against very powerful forces..
Gaddafi had accumulated
$350 billion dollars-worth of gold.
It saved Gaddafi, who was negotiating with the Rothschilds,
cuz he wanted to create a gold-backed currency in Africa..
We went in & provided the Air cap
& started this whole fight in Libya
like Gaddafi had done all these terrible bad things
& it was just a matter of time for Gaddafi
who was captured & killed..
When Gaddafi fell all of his gold was eventually located
& taken out of Libya.
That gold was laundered through
American Barrick Gold Mining operations *allegedly*
& those operations in Haiti were where Hillary’s brother
was on the Board of a Gold Mining Op in Haiti.”

😼 Gaddafi’s gold ended up in the hands of the Clintons
who ran major Child Trafficking via the Haiti Slave Market 💔



I started listening to 107 in 2020.
But I have anon friends who, like you,
listened to him years ago in the Field McConnell days.

🇺🇸 Juan O Savin 10-24-22
I’ve been at this for my entire adult life
preparing for this exact moment.
I’m in this zone
I’m here for a reason
I’m very thankful that God has allowed me to be here.
There’s many guys that I knew, worked with, loved, understood
& they’ve passed
& they’re in that cloud of witnesses cheering us on.
I feel the weight of their gaze
will we get it right?
Will we understand
while I convey things to my fellow Americans
& out to the world
that help us to take control of the planet as God promised
to Adam & Abraham, his servants?
I feel that pressure in the moment.
But even more so
I know that President Trump feels the same way 🦅



Juan O Savin

You mention all these different names with lucifer in it.
The “Lucis Trust” is what the Rockefellers put money into
to finance the United Nations.
They use Lucis/lucifer over & over again..
How did WW1 start? 
The sinking of the “Lusitania..”
They have to hide it in plain sight
& if you don’t take action against it
that’s your fault..
Who set up Japanese Intelligence?
That was a MacArthur Operation
as we rebuilt Japan.. after WW2.
That’s why MacArthur & Eisenhower
decided together that Eisenhower 
should go for the Presidency.
MacArthur acted like he rolled up & went away
yet he was helping coordinate
Intelligence people against 
that Rockefeller operation & that Brit operation 
that created CIA & Air Force & all the Masonic ties in there..
That MacArthur crowd
is the original crowd that led to..
the 17th letter operation in this current period.
It’s got earlier origins prior to that even
but that’s the modern side of this 🎖️🕊️



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