Health Today – Nov. 1, 2022

Nitric Oxide (iNO) has been shown to inhibit the multiplication of the respiratory coronavirus, a property that distinguishes it from other vasodilators.

These findings imply that Nitric Oxide may have a crucial role in the therapy of COVID-19, indicating research into optimal methods to restore pulmonary physiology.”

NIH / Pub MD Website :

A project I’ve been working on, is centered around L-argenine to get the body to produce its OWN Nitric Oxide, which BOOSTS oxygen in the lung tissue & distributes it throughout every cell & organ in the body & dilates major blood vessels & of arteries in the heart.

As you know, Parasites cannot thrive in a HIGH oxygenated body.

It seems as if the Covid-19 vaccines are doing the EXACT opposite!

Why are so many athletes dying?

What are they burning up during workouts & playing?

Reduced oxygen…

Reduced dilation of major heart arteries…


1998 : Nitric Oxide & SARS-CoV-2 ☝️☝️☝️

This isn’t a new concept.

“Nitric oxide (NO) is a gas that transmits signals in the organism. Signal transmission by a gas that is produced by one cell, penetrates through membranes & regulates the function of another cell, represents an entirely new principle for signalling in biological systems. The discoverers of Nitric Oxide as a signal molecule are awarded this year’s Nobel Prize.

Nitric Oxide Protects The Heart, Stimulates The Brain, Kills Bacteria :

Research results rapidly confirmed that NO is a signal molecule of key importance for the cardiovascular system & was found to exert a series of other functions. We know today that NO acts as a signal molecule in the nervous system, as a weapon against infections, as a regulator of blood pressure & as a gatekeeper of blood flow to different organs

NATURAL cures BY the body all along..


Dr. Lou Ignarro – Nobel Prize-winning discoverer of Nitric Oxide who said Nitric Oxide should be used to defeat SARS-COV-2 :

“The Heart arteries make Nitric Oxide. Once you block THAT, you get strokes from blood clotting in the brain. When blood clots in arteries of the heart, you also get heart attacks.


Nitric Oxide is created in the Heart, then gets taken to the lung tissue to BOOST oxygen in the lung tissue & then distributes it throughout every single cell & organ in the body while contracting & dilating major blood vessels and arteries in the heart, & REMOVES plaque / calcium buildup IN THOSE vessels / arteries, which is WHY strokes & heart attacks are happening in the first place

Guess what the Covid-19 Vaccines are inhibiting the production of in the body to cause heart muscles to stop dilating, preventing blood & oxygen flow, which is increasing strokes & heart attacks in athletes.



In 1900, a man named Wilhelm Reich invented a way to cure cancer, heart disease, arthritis, and thousands of other ailments, within a few 15-minute sessions of sitting in the box above. 

How was this possible? The ‘box’ is a carefully crafted ‘orgone accumulator’ which concentrates the orgone energy or life energy “Chi / Prana”, and this has an incredible effect on patients. 

The FDA banned Wilhelm’s inventions and sentenced him to prison where he died in 1957.


The end is here.


The Hidden Masonic symbology of the US National Institute of Health, which actually has encoded 666 message.


Charcoal powered motorbike developed in the 1940’s. We are all being ripped off from big oil.


The junk food industry used “science” to blame overweight people for obesity, when it was sugar the whole time, and GMO sugar like high fructose corn syrup which does NOT get metabolized in our system properly.

Never forget that Pfizer paid the largest fine in history for lying about their drugs.

Detox your body from drugs and matrix foods, make sure to get your mercury fillings removed ASAP. It’s leeching poisonous mercury into your blood stream.

If God didn’t make it, then don’t freaking eat it. Stay away from matrix food.

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