Blood Moon, Biblical Prophecy, Election Day – Oct. 31, 2022

What are the chances that the first ever election day blood moon is happening on this exact midterm, the one that everyone is saying is the most important in modern history? If you do not have this understanding that Babylon is falling, then you are going to be constantly confused and frustrated by what’s happening. Setbacks and resistance were always destined to happen. But the end goal is certain: God has set His will to bring deliverance. The details may be messy, but I assure you that God sees the end with crystal clear vision. It’s happening.



Full Lunar Eclipse on Election Day. “the moon will turn blood red before that great and terrible day of the Lord arrives.” Joel 2


New Bee.

10/10 starts the true 10 Days of Awe.

It’s going to be biblical.

10:10 Wins

4 thoughts on “Blood Moon, Biblical Prophecy, Election Day – Oct. 31, 2022

  1. Another most important ever in history midterm elections, they gonna charge, as usual, or some event they’ll postpone.
    They follow the Bible like a script. It’s nothing new, it’s why history repeats itself.
    This biblical crap just don’t get the same reaction it did before. At least now that we know it’s all a show, just for the sleepers, lol, when you sleepers gonna wake u. What’s gotta happen for you to realize that by now, they had already planned for you all to be in FEMA CPS or dead, only this time it’s not from some war, or cataclysm but via a fake pandemic, a bioweapon, and mask wearing medical mafia no science experts…
    How much longer sleepers? Biblical is just the following the plan they’ve had for humanity for thousands of years. Wake up, I’m exhausted. Can we all kick those that think they can do anything in politics? We can self govern, get back to natural common law, throw out every last politician, and so called banker, expert and gooberment alphabet soup agency we all pay for….Wakey, this isn’t a dream, it’s a nightmare.


  2. It appears that every election season is the “most important in modern history,” especially for the sheeple who continue to follow politricks and anyone associated with politricks! LOL!


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