October 30, 2022: Endings and Beginnings ~ Oct. 30, 2022


Thank you everyone for the support, advice, and loving prayers for the dear pup, Chinook.

Unfortunately, the vets were not informed of the wisdom you had to impart and his red blood count went so low they don’t know how to help so Chinook is making his journey over the rainbow bridge this morning after his family says their goodbyes.

I just got word that he has departed as I write this and I feel almost as much grief as when Mica passed. Be assured, though, that your beautiful messages made it to both the family and to Chinook and his “sister” pup Elle and they made more difference than you could know.

I read somewhere that around 500,000 souls would be leaving at this time so it will be difficult for those remaining. As we know, dogs don’t have souls; they ARE souls.

I never got to meet Chinook as he lived in Iowa, but my other half did and said he was an awesome dog, a Tibetan Mastiff. I hope to meet him sometime.

I don’t plan on doing a post today but wanted to respond to everyone who is holding Chinook in their heart today.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts as Chinook begins the next phase of his evolution and takes on his next task for Humanity. He looks almost Human, doesn’t he?

Chinook last summer

Here’s a more recent pic. He was 78 lb, only 8 mos. old when he left this realm. It’s really a shame because he had an awesome life in the country and a sister who loved him.

R.I.P. Chinook

Chinook & sister Elle when the pup was much younger; I believe that is Sparky in the background who also passed recently of old age

And that concludes our tribute to a special soul who left too soon but will be remembered by many. Thank you again for the comfort you showered on this dog-loving family which has rescued quite a few.  ~ BP

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