An Urgent Prayer Request for a Friend ~ Oct. 29, 2022


I just got word that a beautiful puppy soul is in jeopardy of leaving this plane after a third vaccination.

The puppy, named Chinook, has been in the ER for the past 24 hours and is not doing well. I know we can turn this around if we focus our attention so I ask that if you feel so guided that you send Chinook your love and intention for his rapid and complete healing. That is all it takes; just intend it with your heart.

Thank you, everyone, for the love you display every day, every week, every month. It means more than I can say.

Chinook doesn’t look exactly like this now but it gives you an idea. He is so loved and it will be devastating to the family to lose him at such a young age.

Thank you, everyone.

xo BP

9 thoughts on “An Urgent Prayer Request for a Friend ~ Oct. 29, 2022

  1. Youre an IDIOT for vaxing your “puppy friend”. I’d love to say even more but out of sense of decency will not, 👺👺👺👺👺


  2. Hihi please give Chinook a tbsp of activated charcoal, rosemary and diatenaceous earth powdered up and put on his food. Also raw wheat germ oil(a lot)
    Praying for his quick recovery love and blessings


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