That’s Entertainment! – Oct. 27, 2022

Are you NOT entertained?!! ENTER-TAIN-MENT — Enter, from the Latin means “inside.” Tain is “to grasp, to hold, to possess, occupy or control.” Ment comes from mens or “the mind.”

Entertainment is – Holding, occupying or controlling the mind from the inside.

The subconscious mind is the powerful secondary system that runs everything in your life. The subconscious mind is a data-bank for everything, which is not in your conscious mind. It stores your beliefs, your previous experience, your memories, your skills. Everything that you have seen, done or thought is also there.

Every piece of digital content you watched is being absorbed & recorded by your subconscious mind. This programs who you are whether you realize it or not. Being aware fo the energetic signature of the content you consume is as important as the foods you eat. ✨👁✨



Grand Rising Cosmic Family, we are actively shifting into new energetic signatures in this present spacetime. The Higher Timelines are collapsing the lower ones as there are less & less energy sources to sustain the old systems. We are witnessing implosions everywhere in the DS corporate & government matrix. Like any controlled demolitions, it is explosive & there will be lots of flying debris. Keep your hard hat on!

Stay far away when the enemy is in the middle of destroying itself.

Observe without heavy emotions. All clear & aware humans should have incredibly high & joyous emotions right now as we watch Earth & Humanity is slowly lifting itself out of the anti-life cult’s death grip into Freedom, Truth & Sovereignty. Keep your FAITH strong & your vibration high as this is the best way to stay in the Eye of the Storm. ✨🙏🏽👁🤍✨



Tsar Mikhail Romanov declared November 4 In 1613 Unity Day


Future Proves Past.

We will burn the books like the Renaissance 🇨🇵but part deux

🇷🇺 Russian Unity Day = Moscow freed from occupation and Tzar Mikhail Romanov declared national holiday until 1917 when Bolsheviks (Khazarian’s) stopped it and celebrated Nov 7 revolution day instead. In 2005 Putin removed Nov 7 from calendar and reinstated Nov 4 Unity Day 🔥

Tchaikovsky – Overture 1812


Pretty sure Vlad is making a very big announcement – Stellar related on November 4 & he is here following.

Remember the Romanov wedding after 100 years.






Meanwhile, here’s an update on the exorcism over at CNN… 🍊👀🍊

No-nonsense CNN boss Chris Licht tells staffers he’s ‘accelerating’ plan to slash parts of woke network before 2023 and warns workers they face ‘unsettling changes that will not be easy’

All puppets have new puppet-masters at CNN — all seized


The internet is UNDEFEATED — Rishi Sunak’s Fresh Prick of UK remix is awesome. 😁😂🤣 Big shout out to whoever did this!

Are you NOT entertained?!! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Viewers baffled as ‘magic’ Budget folder mysteriously changes colour from red to green live on TV

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