X22 Report — Episode 2909: Central Bank Pushes Financial Institutions to Control the People, Nobody is Sleeping Tonight ~ Oct. 26, 2022


Ep. 2909a – [CB] Pushes Financial Institutions To Control The People, Big Fail

The blue states are suffering, the economic situation is now noticeable and the people are reacting to this. The people are seeing their house values go down, the income declining, the people know who is responsible. The [CB] is now pushing the financial institutions to push controlling mechanisms to get the people use to it. This is a big fail.


Ep. 2909b – Nobody Is Sleeping Tonight, Let That Sink In, DEFCon 3

The [DS] lost their bullhorn, EM is now taking over Twitter and much will be exposed to the public. Did EM send a message that the [DS] is panicking and will not get sleep tonight. We are now at DEFCon 3 and it sees there is now a countdown taking place.

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