October 26, 2022: Who Believes in Coincidences? [videos]


It was quite a day in many respects, beginning with an eclipse and a 5.1 earthquake near San Jose, California. There was also a tornado watch in parts of Alabama and Tennessee.

#InPics | From Europe to Asia – how the last partial solar eclipse of 2022 was visible from several regions around the worldhttps://t.co/K45XxmJvEM

— WION (@WIONews) October 26, 2022

Remarkable events and headlines are the order of the day and the ones below are typical of the news leading up to the election in America, or lack thereof. We’ll see if the election takes place or not—and if Trump is arrested or not. There are varying opinions on both. Perhaps there will be a huge October surprise.

Q the Storm Rider posted the following on Telegram:

As deep state wants their agenda hidden or known and military ops.WILL put OUT MISINFORMATION INTENTIONALLY for security reasons. As the same with insider gathering information from their secure sources…….MAJOR INFORMATION WARFARE REACHES ANEW LEVEL AND CONFUSION AS MANY WILL SEEK DAILY INFO.

What’s important is not the battle is self… But the FULL view of the MILITARY WHITE HATS ALLIANCE
……. Many mistakes and EXPOSURES AND DOCUMENTATION IS ALREADY LEADING TO U.S. MILITARY INTERVENTION……. Near the cusps of CIVIL WAR……… Everything needs to happen this way to wake the sleeping global sheep who are lost in CIA DS MOCKINGBIRD DREAMS….. The only way to wake the global community is through THE CURRENT GAME THEORY OPERATIONS////

Military is the only way –

Trump and Dan Scavino Jr. are posting social media about the red wave, Trump is shown with Melania at the White House with fireworks in the sky, Juan O Savin has said we cannot go forward with another election before we have dealt with the 2020 fraud, we know “fraud vitiates everything”, and rumours now bandied about say the military won’t stand for it and will remove Biden and Harris. Could be a scary Hallowe’en for the ghouls in DC and an exciting one for we, the awakened. I think we’re ready.

Click on the Tweet below to read in its entirety. Very interesting rumours.

More information pic.twitter.com/NKCOnFUCqW

— I believe -Deb (@annbarnett847) October 25, 2022

I believe the Alliance has shown the public that there is a big problem in America and its initials are DS. There are a few Democrat holdouts that are not going to admit it, but they will be dragged, kicking and screaming if necessary, across the finish line.

BREAKING: HUGE News In Otero County, New Mexico – County Commission Withholds Certification of Primary Election Results

and then…

BREAKING: Audit Results of Primary Election in Torrance County, New Mexico Show Differences Between Hand Counts and SOS Records of Up to 25%

It’s challenging to put a post together when you can’t maintain a connection to the host server, as has been the case for a couple of days. Let’s try again for today.

The crew brought our attention to this Charlie Ward video update. He says QFS is already a done deal in some countries. USA is lagging behind where they expected. He also said on whatever date that was, that martial law is a condition of NESARA/GESARA and that in the next 3 weeks [from then] that 86 countries will be under martial law. He said it would be very public, not a subtle thing, but under the guise of something else.

He also said as far as we know, there will be a US election and if anything changes we’ll let you know. Watch the video at the link at Before It’s News.  hr including the recap and it’s full of good info to the very end. 55 min.

Charlie Ward: Quantum Financial System Goes Live!! US Gold Backed Currency Update!! Deepstate And Cabal Now Only Have Paper!! “Official Spokesperson For The QFS” Makes Stunning Statements On Stage!!

There’s a lot we can’t confirm, but interesting information comes up every day.

10 days darkness = memory loss, according to this Telegram post.

There are others mentioning the moment the two timelines collide. Fascinating stuff.

The psychopaths are still trying to fight their way out of the mess they’re in. SGAnon posted the following:



School Shooting False_Flag today in Missouri. No information yet. Details emerging.

((Pattern Recognition Query))
What happened to the children in Uvalde, Sandy Hook, Columbine?
Public funerals?
Any open caskets?
Follow net_worths.

More evil than you can stomach.
We will find every predator, every rabbit, every operative of darkness. We will turn over every rock, every leaf, and every bank statement. There will be NO ESCAPE. Only PAIN.

JUST!CE is sometimes cold_blooded.

As far as I am concerned, the monsters deserve whatever they get.

It has to be obvious at this point that the good guys are winning. The corrupt governments and judges are doing an about-face on the Wu Flu crap in the US and Canada at the local and province level.

BREAKING: A New York judge just ordered the reinstatement of all fired unvaccinated NYC employees, orders backpay, says the state violated rights, acted arbitrary & capricious, & notes:

“Being vaccinated does not prevent an individual from contracting or transmitting Covid-19.”

Probably my favourite evidence of the corruption and intent involved in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center is the disgusting profit tower owner Larry Silverstein made. How many times can one be “very, very lucky” concerning one event? Qincidence? Sounds mathematically impossible to me.

Here’s the setup and outcome in Silverstein’s own words. Short and sweet. These psychopaths don’t mind profiting off the death of three thousand innocent Humans.

Twin Towers were Purchased for Only 14M USD | 4.5B “Terrorism” Insurance Policy Included

And one more from SGAnon; his update for October 25—1 incredible hr. This is a MUST LISTEN. He does a 23 min. background update for new patriots and the rest is little known, valuable perspective on what is really happening, its meaning, what we can expect in the coming days, etc. He says there will be more earthquakes on the West coast of California and that the Alliance will be timing their offensive to maximize damage to the dark’s evil schedule—such as the Hallowe’en ritualistic “feast” as he puts it. His sick kiddo gave him a scratchy throat but he perseveres and brings positive encouragement.

Russian Tribunals Have Begun | Large Scale DUMBs are Being Destroyed | Scare Event Coming

Nearly every day now… somewhere in the world… we get news like this:

Officials arrest 16 suspects in Arizona for child sex crimes, human trafficking

Nothing is what it seems, and it’s getting really crazy out there. For those of us with perspective, inside information from back channels, and faith in our hearts, it’s getting really good. For others, it’s going to be more difficult.

Britain is in turmoil with scarcely a government at all, America is trying to undo the coup of 2020, Canada is run by a scary dick-tator, and the terrified globalist/deep state is trying to come up with ways to stay in power and avoid arrest, detention, and execution.

Ben Fulford’s update for this week makes for head-shaking reading. It just gets more and more bizarre on Planet Earth.

Benjamin Fulford Report: China Announces New 100-year Plan While the West Descends Into Chaos

Nasty deeds will often come back to bite you in the butt. Remember Ammon Bundy of the Bundy family the Bureau of Land Management tried to screw out of their land in the standoff a few years ago? He’s baaaack… in a big way. He would make a world of difference in Idaho.

Liberals say that if I am elected, they’ll leave the state. Well, when I am elected Governor, Idaho will help pay for their moving costs! #LeaveIdaho! #HelpThemMove!https://t.co/iXzEf1QJ2r 👈 Click here to help them move! pic.twitter.com/SPauB2r90S

— Ammon Bundy (@RealABundy) October 25, 2022

I feel sorry for Vladimir Putin. He is taking the flack for his role in the liberation because most people don’t understand what is unfolding or why. The media makes sure the fear doesn’t go away. I speak with a Russian man at the dog park and he believes this is the “old Putin” of course and spoke of many people including Putin being “installed” and claims the People just kept electing him after that.

Putin’s city-killer sub Belgorod with Poseidon nuke drone seen just 270 miles from Nato border in chilling satellite pic

Things are currently so up in the air that I have not bought any candy/treats for the kids yet. I am waiting to see if Hallowe’en is preempted because I have thought it a distinct possibility. I’m also keeping my gas tank fairly full and stocked up on some new food for Eli. He wasn’t doing great on the Stella & Chewy baked puppy kibble but was better on the raw patties without kibble so I am trying the Lotus baked fishy kibble.

We may be out on a leaf-peeping excursion to enjoy the fall colour in the next few days but I will keep tabs on events as closely as possible. Videos and Tweets I embedded disappeared today as has happened in the past a few times and I’ve no idea why but I hope using the Firefox browser will avoid any issues for viewers. It does create issues for me with images.

Thank you to the crew for sharing updates and interesting links of note in the comments. What a fascinating time to be alive on Earth/Terra.

Take care all, and get ready to be the source of truth and comfort to those in your sphere of influence. They’re going to need you.  ~ BP

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