Food For Thought – Oct. 26, 2022

Food for thought.

Ever thought that maybe the FBI raids, FBI phone seizures (why they have Q software on it and Pegasus), targeting of some people is all part of the script to weed out the losers?

The real enemies. All the people fighting are the ones that are surrounded with EVIL. Bad actors. Intent – is key. By targeting the good guys they sniff out the plants.

How do you find out who is loyal to their nation?

Make the nation look weak.

Make those fighting look like the bad guys.

Let the evil ones play.

Everyone fighting is attacked.


From the smallest to the biggest that have remained after they killed off many.

Which ones are left standing. Most of them attacked with baseless claims – in civil court.

Not everyone in the federal government is evil.

Cheese, that is how you lure rats.

You use the enemies WEAPONS against them.

Look at the rats attacking those that fight.

Pay attention.

Document everything.






If Elon buys Twitter, he’d own EVERY piece of intellectual property that goes with it.

Including the Data Servers.

What happens if Twitter’s mainfraim servers are located at the CIA HQ in Langley?

Interwoven 🧬 into those servers would be EVERY piece of intelligence from every CIA / FBI / DoD station around the world.

Legally obtained (bought) data to be used in military world court. Every crime

Would we even need to push our government to declassify TRUTHS our citizens need to SEE, at that point?

Big Govnt would be Implicated in coup d’etat against President Trump – being run directly out of & at the behest of the CIA.

Hence the pushback

The Facebook / DARPA-Lifelog connection is well known. No reason to believe that Twitter is any different.

Find me on Truth Social.



⚡ϕ 🧲



Capt Kyle Celebrates What God Has Done Part 1 What Storm Mr. President Trump



Take everything with a grain of salt.


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