Tucker Carlson Says – Oct. 25, 2022


Tucker Carlson just called the Democrat party a child sacrifice cult set with the words “Fantasy Land” behind him.

Now check the Q drops on that exact phrase. πŸ‘€

All talking about child sacrifice/indoctrination and the cult that runs the world.

This is a clear nod to Q themes. The stage is being set for disclosure.


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson flirted with QAnon conspiracies on Monday, suggesting that the Democratic Party was a β€œchild sacrifice cult” because its donors were trying to protect women’s reproductive rights.

β€œThey’re going to take your abortions away. That was the Democratic message for the midterm elections, the ones that are coming up in just a few days,” Carlson said on his show.



🚨For all of you who missed tonights show with Tucker Carlson and Mike Pompeo here’s a quick recap of what was said.

-Mike Pompeo claimed that the TRB System Card will finally turn some Patriots into Millionaires

-There will be more “ordinary” millionaires  among Americans and a balance will be achieved

-With each TRB System Card you can register up to 10 products.

-Tucker Carlson said that his childhood friend got x300 TRB System Cards and became a multi-millionaire 

This is definitely the best thing that happened to America, so if you like money, you love your country and still have products that aren’t registered, hurry up and get your TRB System Cards now



The public are repeatedly being shown that the Biden admin will opt to abuse the intelligence community to go after political opponents.

The more instances of blatant totalitarian activity we can point to, the easier it will be to justify the necessary actions that await the Deep State players.

The History books will be lined with the copious instances of DNC dictatorial behavior, so that future generations are deterred from adopting the Liberal ideology.

Short and long-term objectives being carried out simultaneously.



Tucker called Mike Pence about this- still waiting for an answer!


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