This Is YUGE !! – Oct. 25, 2022

SCOTUS toss the 2020 Election back to the States — to the People. Several ‘sleeper States’ (including California) reveals they’ve found massive fraud & overturns the 2020 Election.

Fraud vitiates EVERYTHING.

Military steps in to keep PEACE during this transitional phase. Global Financial Crash happens. Pedo Joe avatar gets rolled up in Ukraine crimes. Killary is exposed for Frazzledrip. Barry is revealed as CIA agent traitor. ✨👁✨

Supreme Court Announcement Just Days Before Midterms Has Liberals Losing It — Justices Announce Election Case Will Be Heard in December Along With First Amendment Case



🚨BREAKING: New York Supreme Court reinstates all employees fired for being unvaccinated, orders backpay


The role of major online platforms in disseminating hate speech will be decided in the summer by the Supreme Court, when Section 230 is reviewed.


11.4 Comms from VK

Red Folder to Green Folder from Rishi Sunak.

Supreme Court overturning 2020 Election days before Mid Terms? Justice Thomas?

10/25 Solar Eclipse – China Tuesday. 🇨🇳🇹🇼

10/28 Elon Twitter



11/1 🇮🇱?

11/8 🇺🇲?

Election + 1 [11.4 Mass Cyber Attacks]


No Flag- Supreme Court to hear 2020 election prior to Mid Terms. Buckle up and don’t forget to stock up for animals


Will this be their narrative to drive the Mid-terms to not go off as scheduled… National Security Risk?????


“The Deep State was planning on arresting Trump soon, and US military personnel were being positioned across the country to crush any developing uprising. Perhaps the Trump arrest was the pre-mid-term event they planned to use to cause the country to erupt.”

…Monkey Werx


4 thoughts on “This Is YUGE !! – Oct. 25, 2022

  1. SCOTUS is too late to the party. Nothing they decide will make a differencet. I suspect this SCOTUS announcement is to scuttle the elections or at least muddy them up. Wait and see….Justices Announce Election Case Will Be Heard in December???? Are they kidding???? December???? Hell, why not April 2023? Why hurry?


    1. Good point…I expect IF a ruling is made, it may not overturn the election. Then…all legal systems have failed opening the door to military operations. ?? 😊🌹


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