Military Maneuvers Today ~ Oct. 25, 2022


Editor’s Note: (Thanks to Restored Republic for this info!) Here it comes folks! Global military movement is now gearing up everywhere! Is this a cause for alarm? No…as every standing government must be brought down in order for new governments everywhere across our Earth to be in place and allow the new QFS system to usher in your abundance! Watch global events occur, learn why this change is happening NOW (No Other Way, and them BE in…

Quantum Joy!


This past month all cases and trials at GITMO were cancelled. The Biden Administration funneled 12 Million to GITMO to finish new hidden court rooms.

In the past 48 hours several military flights to GITMO have exceeded beyond normal routines (even with current cancelled trials)

In the last 32 hours several U.S. bases have Military troops heading out to different regions across the world in heavy departures

(It’s very important to understand Flight Trackers across the U.S. and many countries is controlled by NASA/and military intelligence agencies Networks. You’re only seeing between 10-15% of  real time flights. That means real military movements are severely limited to all public Flight Trackers. They only let you see what they want you to see).

U.S. Military operations in Syria again commences with heavy U.S. Military movements through Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Middle East.

IRAN military mobilizing on the border of Azerbaijan.

Heavy military movements throughout the Middle East as tensions heat.

Greece, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Israel, US on High Alert. Several Military exercises taking place in the same regions.

Russia Military exercises in North Russia near Finland testing several missile systems in Zwei different locations. Sub tests. Naval test. 500 mile missile tests.

Turkey Military coup attempt is expected as Globalists cannot lose Turkey to Chinese-Russian Regime.

Over 67 Military exercises taking place in the same hours through RUSSIA, UKRAINE. BELARUS, SYRIA , GREECE, ISRAEL, IRAN, UK, UNITED STATES, Poland, TAIWAN, China, Japan. NATO in the North Sea with several Allies – from the EU to Middle East to Central Asia and around the globe.

U.S Deep State FBI DOJ planning to use Chinese Espionage cases to connect to U.S. Republican officials.

(As you know the Deep State Military coup against XI failed and many were imprisoned or executed and XI nemesis was removed.

This CURRENT situation with FBI DOJ arresting the Chinese in the U.S. is a staged False Flag Event that will connect to their political oppositions and was also a PUBLIC warning to XI.

As the U.S. Deep State has already started to steal the elections through drop in ballots and has other U.S. democratic States ready to HALT elections in November.

Several other False Flags are planned on MASS scale INCLUDING MAJOR ESCALATION OF WAR WITH CHNIA, RUSSIA, MIDDLE EAST (whoever they can course into immediate conflict to cover up the next stolen election or halted Elections.

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