Traitor… – Oct, 6, 2022


Mic drop moment at the EU:

“The war in Ukraine is quickly escalating into a wider horror. And from what I can see, practically nobody in this chamber is doing anything to prevent it. In fact, most people seem to get off on the fact that it’s escalating.

The voices challenging the rush to war are attacked and silenced, smeared as traitors, cronies, Putin puppets…frankly, it’s pathetic…

Opposing the horrible madness of war is not anti-European.

It’s not anti-Ukrainian.

It’s not pro-Russian.

It’s common sense…

Unlike you, I oppose all war. And I’m not going to be scapegoated and labelled for it either.”



Feb 27, 2022

Your rightful President is on his way back into power, and they are squirming at the thought that they have lost against him despite what they have done. He never gave in nor quit, so they hate him and you for it. Your love for freedom and this country never diminished with your rightful President, Donald Trump. No matter how much they took from you, you never gave up, and they can not understand that. Again, I, the Lord, have said they did not count on Me, and I am with you. My children, I will protect this Nation, My United States.


Jan 14, 2022

This illegitimate government will continue to take massive hits. It is a sinking ship that cannot be stopped. My children, watch for massive news about your Congress. Explosions of Truth! There has been a secret group hiding in plain sight that has been infiltrating the traitors to expose them all. The time has come for them to come forward because they have everything they need to bring this whole circus down.

Trump has his orders from Me. He is moving forward with his plans. Continue to pray for his family as he takes these steps to move back into power. Yes, the time has come, and this year your rightful president will be placed back in his seat of power in your nation for all the world to see.

He was leading some things on the sidelines, but now I am bringing him Center Stage. But he will not return to the White House because I have a new capital, a new house for the rightful president in this hour, because your capital as you know it will be destroyed for all the vile things that have happened in and under those buildings.





[this is the sort of stuff we’re talking about. you frame innocent americans – but, the traitors, you help them stuff their grocery bags with meth, crack, fentanyl and cash?]

what gives?

which FBI whistler-blowers have stepped forward of the 37,000 FBI employees? That is the proportion of the FBI which should be kept. The rest – they are worse than the traitors doing their dirty deeds – as FBI fear provides the wicked cover.


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