Dinarland Highlights for October 4, 2022 ~ Oct. 5, 2022


Editor’s Note: Below are statements from various folks regarding the governmental situation in Iraq. For those unaware…the Iraq currency, the Iraqi dinar, will be the first to re-value, then setting off the chain for all other global currencies to re-value…the RV begins in earnest! (what a great word…earn-est!)

In reality, this is a play showing how each and every government around the world is changing, with the former governmental leaders being removed (by one means, or another) allowing humanity to flourish and thrive under new leadership. Want examples?? See the governmental changes in England, Saudi Arabia, Italy, India, Brazil (now ongoing), Japan, and others are brewing… USA??.

So…stay tuned to the real value of global events, understand they all involve much more than $$, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Iran announces the release of $7 billion of its frozen assets

negotiations mediated by one of the countries in the region for the simultaneous release of prisoners between Iran and the United States and billions of dollars of frozen Iranian assets as part of the prisoner liberation deal.


MilitiaMan (KTFA)

When they reduced the IQD to 1460 from 1190, it hurt the poor…The next stage for the Central Bank is to serve its purpose…that benefits the poor with purchase power…it is to adjust the value of the IQD to an internationally acceptable and tradable currency outside it’s borders and on international platforms with an IMF Article VIII compliant currency. That is what has become a popular demand we are reading about.


[via PDK]

Very quiet on the RV front this morning but lots of anticipation…we know we are close even though we don’t know the exact timing. It should have happened at least 3-4 times over the last 20 years…It should have happened for sure in 2019…I think we will have it this month…i thought we should have had it late last month. I totally believe it will be this year. Of course I will have more egg on my face if I am wrong…i don’t think I am wrong.

…I was leaned on to not release details for the next few days. Everybody I know has been leaned on to be quiet. But they didn’t show up with money and a NDA….so I am only going to be “so quiet.” If they show up with money I can spend and I will be real quiet..lol…Mark who??

Frank26 (KTFA)

[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]

FIREFLY: Bank guy says there’s too much turmoil right now.  It’s too unstable he thinks for a major change.   Until something is settled about government

FRANK: …We need a fully seated government.  I agree with that 100%.  That is where we are at…IMO a fully seated government is right around the corner.  It’s very very close…


The rumor is they’re going to raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar to help settle the problems over there.  No they’re not.  There is no such report whatsoever.  That’s false.  But if they get back on track, they’re doing all things necessary for them to make the right moves when it comes to the Iraqi dinar when the time comes…

RVAlready (TNT)

I think it is clear that, with the failure of the Iraqi political system, the UN will have to force them into a set of agreements. The UN has experience with these sorts of situations. They now have to decide what tools from their arsenal to bring to bear.

Sandy Ingram

…When we move over to the Central Bank of Iraq we find no new announcements, which is normal.  The governor of the CBI is doing a lot of what the prime minister of Iraq is doing and he is meeting with neighboring countries to build bridges and economic ties…

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