Is Donald J. Trump Controlled Opposition? – Oct. 4, 2022

Editor’s Note: Is “The Donald” a good guy, or a bad guy? Is he a bad guy acting good to fool humanity for a while?

Trump, himself, has done some really good things for humanity, and some questionable things. Some speak of the “good” Trump, as well as the “bad” Trump, so what’s going on?

My study of action/reaction finds that when these two components are present together in the same moment, movement is cancelled. In this way (from the broadest sense), the movement of humanity into another phase of the polarity (either “good”, or “bad”) has been cancelled, allowing humanity, at long last, begin to investigate and understand it’s spirituality from a more personal stand point.

IMHO, regardless of Trump’s “true” goal for humanity, he is being used by God/Creator/Source/ONE (take your pick) to bring peace, wellness, and abundance to Earth. His actions, made on behalf of the White Hat Alliance, will lift humanity out of the endless cycle of duality and polarity humanity has been living in forever.

Once this personal recognition is made, a person is able to lift their opinion away from present circumstances into the understanding of Who They Are, with the ability to simply choose to BE in…

Quantum Joy!

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