Truth Seekers Worldwide — Military Planes in the Sky Worldwide and More with Derek Johnson ~ Oct. 3, 2022


Military Planes in the Sky Worldwide & More with Derek Johnson

Truth Seekers Worldwide
Published September 29, 2022

For more of Derek, check out his message one day prior to this amazing video: (great info!

Derek speaks 100% truth he’s and honorable veteran, we need more die hard patriots like him! Love this guy!

Derek Johnson, US Military Vet who had top-secret clearance; he is not violating military regulations by way of this information.

Everything you’ve witnessed in the last five years is the most monumental historical covert operation to date and Donald Trump is your President by law by order and by regulations of the military and the constitution and the way its proven is by National Guard who is activated outside of their state and outside of our country and the only activations of the National Guard came from President Trump.

Active military cannot tell civilians what is going on, by oath and by honor. This is why you have not heard about what is happening in the background, because it is a military operation and the military cannot break their oath.

Derek mentions pertinent executive orders such as 13848 (Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election), Military Law, National Guard Activation in all 50 states, Declaration of Independence, USA Revolutionary War, the fake inauguration of fake President in 2021,, and SO much more!

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GITMO: 4-5 aircraft daily from Mar-A-Lago to GITMO.

President Trump and the Pentagon “are spending” $500 million with additional court rooms and space for tens of thousands of prisoners.

There are 300 military aircraft in the air every day over the USA extending to GITMO.

Biden did not get the 21 gun salute at his fake inauguration:

President Trump is Commander in Chief of our Military who is in control.

This video is a much watch for every American!

Derek is on fire! Wake up America!

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We must wake the world and stop watching ALL News channels they deliver 100% propaganda and lies!

Search and share truth; we must all do our part in saving our world! When the world awakens the cabal will be dismantled.

Once they’ve been taken down, our lives will become better than ever! Every country will flourish, the way God intended!

It’s going to take everyone in the world to help by looking for and understanding the truth; then saying NO to these wicked people.

The world united…will end the tyranny!

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One thought on “Truth Seekers Worldwide — Military Planes in the Sky Worldwide and More with Derek Johnson ~ Oct. 3, 2022

  1. So if Trump is still in control and is still President, WHY is the world going to hell in a hand basket? Why do we have high gas prices, inflation, Corrupt FBI, Biden Family not arrested? Just to name a few. I call Bullshit!!


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