October 3, 2022: The Hunt is On [videos]


Titillating headlines continue to tease us about what is coming. What is red? Leaves, a submarine, satanic cabal shoes, blood, the wave that rushed over America in 2020 when Trump was elected in a landslide election… and sometimes the White House as it appeared when Trump was in office.

This is an interesting development, particularly in light of the information further down.

NEW: Putin deploys world’s largest submarine as ‘nuke’ convoy heads to frontlines, NY Post reported.

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) October 3, 2022

Apparently NATO has lost track of a Russian nuclear submarine. Nope not the Red October. The name is Belgorod. Perhaps it’s on the move.

— Rumpel (@StiltskinMan) October 3, 2022

‼️NATO has sent an intelligence note to member countries warning about the mobilization of the Russian nuclear submarine K-329 Belgorod, which is carrying a Poseidon nuclear missile, also known as a Weapon of the Apocalypse-🇮🇹La Repubblica

The only language they understand pic.twitter.com/ZkHaHgvG4S

— AZ 🛰🌏🌍🌎 (@AZmilitary1) October 2, 2022

Man, it sucks to be Putin when you look at all the BS put out about him. His people keep electing him and he has the respect of so many. He is a threat to the evil cabal because he tells the truth about them and that is why they mercilessly attack him.

Russian nuclear submarine armed with ‘doomsday’ weapon disappears from Arctic harbor: report https://t.co/niJO1i9Fqc

— Fox News (@FoxNews) October 3, 2022

Q told us “the hunters have become the hunted”—and hunt us those bastards did, according to victims. Now they pay. Now they are the prey. No quarter. It’s on.

9th Circle Elite Satanists Child Sex Sacrifice Cult Rule Europe – and engage in child trafficking, put on “human hunts” where kidnapped/drugged children were stripped naked, raped, tortured, hunted down by horseback in the woods, and killed ritually by nobility and their guests (who drink their victim’s blood). These powerful few also turned to cannabalism and ate parts of their “offerings” to the demonic deity they revere. Witnesses who survived came before the Brussels International Common Law Court of Justice in 2014. 5 judges/27 jury members weighed the evidence.

Witnesses stated child sacrifices occurred regularly in the Vatican, catacombs of Catholic cathedrals, private estates, groves and gov military bases in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Australia, Ireland, France, England and United States. The children came from detention centers in Belgium/Holland, according to a former member of Octopus (Netherlands criminal drug cartel)

Link to Telegram

I need a vacation  but it’s so exciting to see the updates all day every day, who can take a break? I think the “Red October” refers to the eyes of the ones who are paying attention and can’t sleep. It also refers to the eyes of the cabal because they can’t stop crying as they see the contemptible, evil world they created falling like a house of cards.

The globalists’ Central Bank system is going down.

Via Nicholas Veniamin Telegram from ABC Australia:

We have Information from a Crypto Hedge Fund manager who told us that two huge investment banks collapsed on Friday 30 September, 2022 during US market hours due to over-leveraged positions. This is the start of the collapse of the banking system.

And there’s Credit Suisse…

Over the weekend, scandal-prone Credit Suisse became a trending topic among armchair investors on Twitter and Reddit forums, who speculated that the bank was in trouble. Analysts wonder whether this is designed to spark a bank run. https://t.co/78hqeXTzuc

— Paul Vieira (@paulvieira) October 3, 2022

And check this out. India’s central banks will be closed most of October. Can you guess why?

Bank holiday: In October, banks will remain closed for total 21 days

October will be a big month, for sure. Juan O’Savin recently stated…


Wow—I didn’t even get to publish that one before it disappeared. Nino says he has to pull a lot of vids from his channel but they wind up on Rumble where you can watch/listen at this link to Nino’s Corner. I can’t embed this one from a week ago.

Sunday Funday Q & A [with Juan O’Savin]

I would just say that Juan is in a key position to provide information and DISinformation, so we will keep this in mind as a possibility. It seems unlikely that the White Hats would alert the deep state to their plan so… they may put out dates just to psych them out, make them reckless… panicked, so they make mistakes and show their hand. Rarely does a date bring many noticeable headlines…

…however, it was the predicted 23rd, 24th of September that the intel came out of Ottawa, Canada that the unmarked black vehicles and US Marshals were seen en masse at the parliament buildings and that the Privy Council may have been arrested, including Bill Blair. And that one hundred foot deep excavation at Parliament Hill… very interesting, wouldn’t you say? No one can say that’s a conspiracy. The media turds are saying it was about “renovation” and focus on the historic relics they unearthed.

Just because developments don’t happen in the US doesn’t mean nothing happened. We’re all in this together; the whole world is pulling to bring about the fall of the cabal. Don’t expect the lying, treasonous CBC to report it in Canada.

Many operators would like to dash our hopes on the rocks and pretend nothing is happening, like Jordan Sather did. I don’t pay any attention to them because they’re irrelevant. Link to Telegram.

Nicholas Veniamin

Elon said New Quantum Internet by end of Month.
Regulation has also said to be by end of the month.
The Three Gorges Dam and Big Pharma Labs will start the Black Swan
The EVENT to trigger EventsThis Event triggers Everything.
The RV, Transfer of Wealth
Freedom, 6000 cures
You name it.
This EVENT is going to change the world forever.
Now you have seen the Starlinks
You have seen the Earthquakes along the Yangtze and Floods.
You have seen all the Seizures of BTC mining all throughout the world. Nothing is stopping this.


Phil G. stated the US 2020 election has already been overturned by the SCOTUS; those judges are still under protection, and that Donald Trump will be reinstated as the second-in-line to replace Joe Biden. There will be no special election, he says.

The above makes sense to me, and also would account for the military movements we’re seeing. There will be unrest, so we’re not out of the woods yet. The cabal’s minions and sleeper cells, ANTIFA, whomever they have at their beck and call will try to make life miserable for us. They will never surrender, as I said years ago, and they have nothing to lose now.

St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

This one is time sensitive for TODAY:

There was an emergency broadcast from Phoenix on the Patriot Intel Report [PIR] and Laura Walker which has some very compelling information in it that may come into play. It’s a hunch based on the information provided by a Russian on Telegram. Thanks to the crew for sharing this. Laura’s insights are always interesting.

The text for the basis of the emergency for today, October 3, from the Stop Hating Russia Telegram channel is pasted below.

PIR 10-02-22 Special PIR ALERT!

“Valentina Matvieko has hinted to us the whole world can wait until October 4th while until October 3rd until 3am negotiations will proceed between the Washington bosses and the Kremlin via Riyadh.

If they agree on the fate of Ukraine then the USA, Russia, EU, and Ukraine will set at the negotiating table. They will sign a document. This document will be ratified very quickly through the UN Security Counsel, and this is Plan A. Plan B exist also. Plan B is sad though, because if they don’t agree, Ukraine will be given an ultimatum, within 24 hours, if Ukraine does not comply with the ultimatum, Russia will officially declare war on Ukraine. In the first 72 hours, all critical infrastructure will be destroyed. There will be no electricity and no water. Ukraine will return to the 18th century.

Then all of the bridges across the Dnieper River will be destroyed, and a rain of fire will fall on the cities of Odessa and Nikolaev. There will be assult forces and high-explosive bombs, there will be carpet bombing. And people will get a “taste” of real war, not a special military operation but a war.

Should the Poles decide to interfere, one has long been training to take off strategic bombers from the territory of Belarus, and the aircraft will carry nuclear weapons on board. If this doesn’t work, if the USA decides to interfere, then for this case, Russia has a nuclear shield.

I’d like to remind you that Russia’s nuclear potential is seven thousand nuclear warheads. Each of them is twenty Hiroshimas. If anything doesn’t work in this case either, then recall that Russia has a perimeter system, also called the Dead Hand, in case all the command post personnel serving the nuclear potential, all of them are destroyed, then the system will switch on, and nuclear strikes will be preformed automatically on all the pre-planned targets, and this will be an irreversible process.

So my friends, I want you to understand that right now we are facing a crisis that makes the Caribbean Crisis (Cuban Missile Crisis) look like a baby talk at a kindergarten party. So my friends, I want you to understand what really goes on in the world right now.” Alexander Kondrusik.

The Earth Alliance is not backing down either.

Scott Mowry also returned from a break for an emergency Miracles Intel conference call on Sunday night which was very good, we hear. I listened to part of it so far and Scott reminds us that the WWIII scenario may seem desirable to the satanic cabal but it won’t be what they think.

Scott told us long ago that his military sources stated the tables will be turned and the world will be making the arrests of the Khazarian mafia psychopaths under the guise of war when the military are in the streets. The extreme situation will also serve to wake up a lot of those still in a trance.

Scott reported that both Blackrock and Vanguard filed for bankruptcy in Louisiana, as we mentioned from a Charlie Ward update.

No fear, folks. Those soldiers are going to save our bacon, but as usual, only we awakened ones will realize it until later.

Ben Fulford’s Monday update is available in part at this link. The gloves are off and the Patriots mean business. It’s open season on the deep state psychopaths and their sadistic army.

Shoot to kill orders issued for Khazarian mafia bosses

The situation in Iran is getting very bloody. These poor folks, but they are determined to take their country back and we support them in that. We hope it happens mercifully quickly.

Dear world! These are some people being injured and killed for protesting the murder of #MahsaAmini

Iranian regime is killing teenagers. We need more than solidarity. The West most recall it’s ambassadors and kick out IRI diplomats. #مهسا_امینی pic.twitter.com/JmhUMtjKwA

— Masih Alinejad 🏳️ (@AlinejadMasih) October 2, 2022

Who knew any sentient Being could be so cruel? They have to be soulless creatures.

Israel’s official tiktok page posted in solidarity of Mahsa.. Meanwhile eight of their soldiers attacking a 12 years old girl in Jerusalem Palestine!#IsraeliCrimes #IsraeliTerrorism pic.twitter.com/iT5NFkWMkQ

— Tala Ahmad (@talaahmid) September 29, 2022

There has been so much pain and suffering on our planet at the hands of the psychopaths. No truer words were spoken by Q than, “These people are sick.”

BREAKING: The founder of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia ‘Gender Clinic’ was recruiting kids at a homeless shelter for her research

The founder of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia ‘Gender Clinic’ was recruiting kids at a homeless shelter for her research pic.twitter.com/NWyJXCnpT0

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) October 3, 2022

We failed the children. They have been preyed upon and betrayed for ever. We have to end it now.

FBI Protected Woman Who Made $200 Million Selling Up To 8,000 Children Over 40 Years – She Got 3 Months Minimum Security Prison Sentence

The situation in the island province of Prince Edward Island has not improved since the tail end of Hurricane Fiona moved through as a downgraded storm. It seems they still have no power. What is their fearless leader Turdeau doing? What all turds do; vacation.

Self awareness – ZERO what a phuking douche! #TrudeauHasGotToGo https://t.co/SUPBpWoWJI

— jimmyFRINGE 📣 (@JFN1971) October 3, 2022

More than 20,000 Nova Scotians still in the dark 10 days after Fiona, most schools reopen

What a difference a governor makes.

God Bless all the linemen working their asses off https://t.co/vxsa3DlJ7H

— Brendon Leslie (@BrendonLeslie) October 3, 2022

How much worse could it get? Thankfully these psychopaths have been contained.

This is nuts https://t.co/8FWv1471nw

— Luke Rudkowski (@Lukewearechange) October 3, 2022

The medical industrial complex will be one aspect of the reformation that people won’t be able to ignore or argue with. The results will be gargantuan. Link to Telegram for video clip with English subtitles for the molecular explanation.

[ Video ]
HYDROGEN Peroxide (H202)Kills Germs, Viruses And Cancer Cells Just By Rubbing…

The controllers on this planet have always known exactly what they were doing. They know everything about we Humans. Much more than we know about ourselves.

“U.S. Patent 6506148 B2.” Mind control with television is mind control and it says so in their patent.

They control your mind very subtly. What the fuck is the point of EVERYONE having a TV in their house. pic.twitter.com/aAXx1jw8i6

— tartary and antiquity (@AndTartary) October 3, 2022

Pharmacists will fill prescriptions for medications without checking to see if the patient is on a different drug that is contraindicated to be taken together with the new drug, fill prescriptions for highly addictive opioids with black-box warning, and fill coprescriptions for highly addictive opioids. But they won’t fill prescriptions for Ivermectin or HCQ, two of the safest drugs ever developed if prescribed for Covid.

Read more at the link below from the Brownstone Institute.

The Hypocrisy of Modern Pharmacological Ethics

That’s our summary for a few of the many things that aren’t happening. Hope you liked it.

It’s going to get intense, my friends. Most of us have never been in situations in this lifetime like we are about to see. People from Hungary, Poland, Russia, Venezuela, Iran now, and other areas where the fascists sunk their claws into their nation may be very familiar with what we understand is coming. Gee, even Canada was getting close there for awhile but it seems they turned a corner so a shift has taken place for a reason.

I would say buckle up, prepare for disruptions in your cushy little life—because most of us have had it very easy compared to many unfortunate people in the world—and expect that while things may get shocking, disturbing, unsettling, and downright inconvenient—we will be safe and should be thankful we understand what is happening and why.

We’re making history here and it will be apocolyptic because that means a great revealing—not a catastrophe.

Apocalypse depicted in Christian Orthodox traditional fresco scenes in Osogovo Monastery, North Macedonia Apocalypse (from Ancient Greek ἀποκάλυψις (apokálupsis) ‘ revelation, disclosure’) is a literary genre in which a supernatural being reveals cosmic mysteries or the future to a human intermediary. [1]

It’s not a bad thing, but it will be difficult for many who have not had the luxury of time to slowly assimilate the truth about life on the farm as we have.

When we come out the other side, we won’t recognize our lives because they will be shockingly different—and better in so many respects.

We will wind down with this highly shareable compilation from the Joe M videos which are some of the best ever produced. If you know someone who is just beginning to wake up, this is a good place to gently add more information for them to think about from a most credible source. Thanks to the crew for bringing this to our attention. It’s top drawer, but on Telegram. 44 min.

If anyone finds the source somewhere else, please let us know in the comments so more people can see and share it.

Some folks have problems joining Telegram. If you try to join you have to make sure you are getting the authentic Telegram app, not the corrupted ones that can be censored. I have a knock-off on my iPad from the Apple Store, but it’s not a big deal because my desktop version allows me to view all the channels.

Official Telegram app logo Telegram.org

The icon for the authentic Telegram app is a blue circle with a white paper airplane in the center as above.

corrupted Apple Store Telegram app logo

The censored app icon from Apple has a white square behind the blue circle and you will see a lot of fake Telegram icons on the Internet so be selective. You need to download it here at Telegram.org, whether for iPhone/iPad, Android, desktop, etc.

Since Hallowe’en is approaching, I like to veer into the lanes of the woo-woo and look at the wild side and this ol’ thang popped up. What do you make of this old photo in Washington, DC? Humans in Hallowe’en costumes? That’s not the story for this photo taken in Congress. It looks like a delegation of off-worlders to me. Very Star Trekkish.

Here’s your laugh for the day.

Signing off for now. Exciting days ahead. The Internet could go down at some point this month and Scott Mowry reported that we may even hear air raid sirens. We just don’t know but whatever happens, it’s all planned, the military is in control, and we are equipped to ride the storm.

We may get a Tweet from the President and EBS/EAS and television sets will be taken over by the Patriots to inform the public where loops of 8-hr pre-recorded disclosure updates will play for days while global martial law will be declared. As you might imagine from the above developments with Russia, anything could happen any time.

I lost my connection to the server for the second day in a row. So bizarre. Hope this gets out soon.  ~ BP

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