PIR 10-02-22 SPECIAL PIR ALERT! ~ Oct. 2, 2022


Patriot Intel Report

“Valentina Matvieko has hinted to us the whole world can wait until October 4th while until October 3rd until 3am negotiations will proceed between the Washington bosses and the Kremlin via Riyadh.

If they agree on the fate of Ukraine then the USA, Russia, EU, and Ukraine will set at the negotiating table. They will sign a document. This document will be ratified very quickly through the UN Security Counsel, and this is Plan A. Plan B exist also. Plan B is sad though, because if they don’t agree, Ukraine will be given an ultimatum, within 24 hours, if Ukraine does not comply with the ultimatum, Russia will officially declare war on Ukraine. In the first 72 hours, all critical infrastructure will be destroyed. There will be no electricity and no water. Ukraine will return to the 18th century.

Then all of the bridges across the Dnieper River will be destroyed, and a rain of fire will fall on the cities of Odessa and Nikolaev. There will be assult forces and high-explosive bombs, there will be carpet bombing. And people will get a “taste” of real war, not a special military operation but a war.

Should the Poles decide to interfere, one has long been training to take off strategic bombers from the territory of Belarus, and the aircraft will carry nuclear weapons on board. If this doesn’t work, if the USA decides to interfere, then for this case, Russia has a nuclear shield.

I’d like to remind you that Russia’s nuclear potential is seven thousand nuclear warheads. Each of them is twenty Hiroshimas. If anything doesn’t work in this case either, then recall that Russia has a perimeter system, also called the Dead Hand, in case all the command post personnel serving the nuclear potential, all of them are destroyed, then the system will switch on, and nuclear strikes will be preformed automatically on all the pre-planned targets, and this will be an irreversible process.

So my friends, I want you to understand that right now we are facing a crisis that makes the Caribbean Crisis (Cuban Missile Crisis) look like a baby talk at a kindergarten party. So my friends, I want you to understand what really goes on in the world right now.” Alexader Kondrusik.

Laura Walker of the Oracle Report adds her perspective on the Sabian symbols of this situation.

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