What’s Goin’ On – Oct. 1, 2022

💥I’ve been trying to warn⚠️ of what’s coming.

💥Trump is Going to be arrested. The first part of October.

💥The Stock Market is going to crash 💥 Stock Market 📉.

💥The Fiat currency 💴 is going to fail. World 🌎 Wide.

💥The Governments of the World 🌍 will fall.

💥The Real Military will have to step in and declare Martial Law.

💥We are about to have Nuclear ☢️ standoff. Oct

A bay of pigs moment.

WW3 scare.

💥The internet will be taken offline. Communication Blackout is coming.

Project Odin.

💥I’ve spoken at length over each one of these topics in my chats. Go back and listen to them.

💥Non of those statements are to bring fear. These are operations to finally bring all of this evil down publicly.

💥 The Mid-Terms are not happening.

💥 EAS (emergency alert system) inbound last week of October.

💥The whole month of October is going to be absolutely ridiculously crazy.

💥So stay prepared have some food and water. Cash a couple of weeks worth. Not normal spending but for odds and ends you might need. When internet gets pulled. No cards none will work only cash.

💥This is not to scare you but for you to know. Ahead of time to know.

💥For those that are on the wrong side of this they will be going down. They have fear because they know what’s coming.

💥God is in complete control. #NoFear


💥If you want to know more about all of this go back and listen over the last 2 months of chats. It’s all there.

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