September 30, 2022: On the Cusp of Dynamic Months [videos] ~ Sept. 30, 2022


The normies don’t see the hulking black locomotive careening down the track toward them and this planet is going to have a massive cleanup effort after the momentum of the impending train wreck sends the oblivious into the stratosphere.

It’s Friday again. Unbelievable how time is flying. Tomorrow is October! Below we have some of the best updates available on what is unfolding in this end of times battle between Light and dark.

Juan O’Savin did a revealing interview for Nicholas Veniamin and missed his flight to do so. I recommend this for a lot of good background. He says many Americans are not going to take the “delay” in the midterm election well, among other things. Trump is visibly baiting the deep state and it sounds like Juan expects they will swallow it—hook, line, and sinker. This will give you a very good idea of what is likely to be coming down the track in the next few weeks.

Juan O’ Savin Discusses Trump: “Make Me President” with Nicholas Veniamin

Simon Parkes did an excellent 2 hr. show on September 25 which is also helpful for grasping the current events. Watch on Rumble at the link below.

2022 09 25 Connecting Consciousness

Charlie Ward also did an important update in which he assures us we don’t need to worry about our money in the banks. This is why I don’t focus on the financial side. It’s a lot of fear porn and the cautions to get our money out of banks and invest in precious metals, etc. or we will lose it is perhaps financially sound as the metals are a good investment, but the masses don’t know what’s coming and they must be protected.

The purpose of this financial reset is to remove the power of the criminal Central Banking System and switch to the Quantum Financial System.

If the White Hats thought they could suddenly tell the world they saved us from extinction but the bad news is we lost all our savings and investments I would be concerned about their sanity.

This has been an excruciatingly complex achievement for the good guys but I know in my heart that after the “shock”, “the best is yet to come”. Humanity has some lessons to learn, but after being slaves for decades there is no way any benevolent Being would strip them of their assets and expect a healthy society to rebuild and mature.

As Charlie states, the White Hats have everything mirrored in the QFS and whatever we have in the bank or retirement funds now, will still be there after the switch. The point of all this is to bring a new, abundant and fair world to Humanity and they will settle for nothing less. That is my firm belief.

The Earth Alliance is not going to allow the cabal to steal everything and leave Humanity destitute and for many, suicidal. It will be done fairly and transparently. How rocky it will get in the interim, I don’t know. We will have to wait and see but from what I gather, as long as we have prepared with some extra food, water, meds, and cash, most of us will weather The Storm just fine. Of course we will help others who need it as best we can.

I remind everyone that when the military cleaned out the tunnels and DUMBs, they found years worth of clean, safe, well-preserved food and supplies for an army—a city! This is where the “El-ites” thought they would be living for awhile after they decimated the planet and Humanity in their planned extinction-level event that isn’t coming. They probably had far better quality food stored than most of us eat on a daily basis, so I don’t worry about food shortages.

The military and the Q Team take great pride in this liberation effort and they would not allow millions to starve. What would be the point in all this if they did? This has been in the works and underway in some respects for twenty years. “Trust the Plan” is very good advice, but do what you can with prudence when you know potential disruptions are coming.

Watch the video at Before It’s News and thanks to the crew for the share. 1 hr.

Charlie Ward’s Intel Insiders Club September 28th (Video)

As Charlie said, Vanguard and Blackrock are broke. Here’s an article that popped up on Telegram about the insolvency of Blackrock.

BlackRock Insolvency

you will find the history of the Chapter Eleven insolvency petition of BlackRock, executed on January 11, 2022.

Listed are more than 60 single steps, underlaid with individual documents.

Just search for:

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Western District of Louisiana (Lafayette)
Bankruptcy Petition #: 22-50015

Also check:




Here’s a notice about a bank in Oz called ANZ and planned outages. Link to Telegram. And this one.

The “power elite” are not who we think. Richard Branson travels [on his airline] in privileged circles as per this meeting in Ukraine. Link to Telegram or… see below.

Who had Richard Branson as the next billionaire visitor to show up to the most violent and deadly of warzones, Ukraine for a casual midday photo op?

— Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) June 30, 2022

Have you seen the new ad for his Virgin Airlines?

Virgin Atlantic recently reported losses of $638 million and they thought this was the answer.

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) September 29, 2022

That was no surprise, as the owner set the tone long ago. Of course they said it was a “promotional” getup or something as cover. These people are sick. And yes, Branson’s name appeared on the passenger manifest for at least one trip to “Epstein Island”. Note the red shoes.

These are the freaks running the world. There are no men or women unless they choose it. Many of them are AC/DC gender-fluid creatures who are trying to terraform the planet and our society for their comfort and convenience—and food supply.

Obviously Bill Clinton has a thing for blue dresses. Monica’s… or his own. Note the red shoes. Human leather. Sorry.

Bill Clinton, painting in New York home of Jeffrey Epstein

This is a wo[man] who is NOT on our side. “What has it got in its pocketses?” I wonder how many Kiwis know its secret.

She’s a very dangerous person, and that’s not disinformation.

— Barbara (@bmyska) September 28, 2022

Who’s the bad guy? Putin has always said it like it is.

Putin just said the West is pushing gender change experimentation on children and doing the work of Satanism

— Jack Posobiec XLV (@JackPosobiec) September 30, 2022

I have not yet listened to or read the transcript from Putin’s speech but you can if you wish. He is announcing the annexation of areas to Russia and for the People, that is a good thing. Be willing to leave the old behind. It didn’t work for us.

Putin’s HISTORIC SPEECH – The Accession of The Donbass Regions To The Russian Federation. (

This is said to be a must-read on Telegram.

The pedophiles/pedovores who have almost destroyed our planet and our civilization are desperate to keep their darkest, dirtiest skeletons in the closet.

HUGE: Coolio Was Working To Expose Sex Trafficking Right Before His Death!

Recently the death of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain surfaced again accompanied by an acclaimed “biography” which spins his life away from any thought that he, too, may have been about to spill the beans on the satanic monsters, as some have suggested. The problem is, a number of celebrities like Kate Spade died with red scarves around their necks and doorknobs aren’t the best method for suicide, now are they? The red scarf speaks volumes and ties these sudden “suicides” together. The symbolism of red.

Hallowe’en approaches, and the witching hour. The satanic psychopaths ensure they have a supply of babies or children on hand on All Hallows’ Eve for their Human sacrifices. Never let your children out of your sight as abductions are very high at this time; including probably all month.

BREAKING: First Arrest Made in Utah Ritualistic Child Sex Abuse Case – Authorities Expect More Arrests Coming (VIDEO)

The predicted WWIII scenario is ratcheting up and the headlines are getting juicy.

#BREAKING | North Korea fires what appears to be ballistic missiles: Japan coast guard

— WION (@WIONews) September 30, 2022

Yup, the louder and louder wakeup calls are going out to the snoozers but many aren’t hearing them. We continue to share the New World Order agenda in attempts to get their attention. The cabal loves disasters. It doesn’t inconvenience them because they have foreknowledge and it makes them richer. That’s what the Red Cross and other charitable organizations are for; money grabbing and money laundering. Humans willingly hand over even more of their slave pittance when there’s a disaster.

Weather weapons are targeting human infrastructure, aiming for Extinction Level Event (ELE) via mass famine and collapse

BIG, BIG things are happening in Canada if you missed our previous posts this week. Norm Traversy gets my trust every time and he confirmed the 100 foot deep excavation at the parliament buildings in Ottawa as well as US Marshals on site this past weekend.

In the video update with Norm and Guy Brummell [aka Agent Margaritaville] who is STILL in the jail in Lindsay, Linda Paris shared more confirmation of this activity we reported on from a video from Laura. Her channel is Laura’s View and Tarot too. Her short video on the Ottawa story was interesting enough to share as a standalone. I wouldn’t use a tarot reading as a sole source of information but as backup confirmation along with several other trusted sources it is certainly viable.

Are U.S. Marshals in Ottawa?

We are making progress draining the swamp. Every day. Even CNN is reporting on it.

Ex-Democratic congressman sentenced to prison in yearslong Pennsylvania election fraud scheme

We can’t not talk about the scamdemic so I want to add this excellent update from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich on the committee investigating the pre-meditated genocide of Humanity in the form of the Covid psyop and experimental injections called “vaccinations” and what is next. There are some changes. Link to Telegram.

Or read this article.

Reiner Fuellmich: On His Recent Separation from the Corona Investigative Committee

For the dog-lovers…

Eli in holding pattern for his dinner; 9 months

Eli turned nine months old yesterday and since Dad has us doing the chauffeuring to and from airports three times this week, we took advantage today and did Eli’s first walk in the raw desert at sunup. His sniffer was going at warp speed and to my delight, he didn’t eat horse droppings. It wasn’t a long walk but Eli decided when it was time to turn around and a drink was waiting back at the truck.

The next stop was Le Starbuck patio where Eli had some dog biscuits and a pupaccino; also his first. He was a really good boy while we shared some trail mix in the fresh air and sunshine and was very well-behaved in the truck while waiting for me to pop out a few times to shop. When it’s only 75 F we can do that. Hello fall!

We visited our holistic vet on Monday for a three-month checkup and she gave Eli a number of chiropractic adjustments as a result of his flying leap from the truck a few weeks ago. After using her kinesiology technique she advised us to discontinue the nutritional supplements including her own formula and to continue only the homeopathic Heartworm nosodes as well as Nano Soma one spray each morning as it is keeping his immune system strong. We got another hair analysis scheduled and in three weeks or so we should see how his previous aluminum levels are doing.

These past seven months our skinny 7 lb. 8 oz. bundle of love caught up to the average weight chart for male Goldens and is now a healthy, filled out 66 lb. teenager with a gorgeous, soft coat. When those Goldens or Golden Doodles get together at the dog park they have a rip-roaring party and it’s satisfying to see Eli open her up and run full tilt.

The big black spot on his tongue has company as a second one is now beginning to form. Eli is definitely a departure from our previous three Goldens and unique in his own right. He looks adoringly at me every day and then chases me around the house trying to hug my leg. I used to corral him in the kitchen to keep him out of mischief but now I keep him outside the gates and me safe inside so I can get dinner unimpeded.

We can’t give Eli any dog beds or he wrecks them, towing them around the house, scraping at them with his nails and biting them to fold them over so he can mount them. It’s exhausting, poor guy. His hormones are going to be raging for a few more months until we decide the benefits are significantly reduced and we can… regrettably… emasculate him. I hate to do it but want what’s best for his future health and integration into our family and society in general.

That’s it for today. Thank you to the crew for helping to keep us in the loop. So much is happening we can’t begin to touch on it all but will have interesting developments and perspectives to share each day, nearly every day.  ~ BP

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