Q Anon – President Trump – White Hats ~ The World Is About To Change! ~ Sept. 27, 2022


8 thoughts on “Q Anon – President Trump – White Hats ~ The World Is About To Change! ~ Sept. 27, 2022

  1. i just cannot listen to this as much as i would like to. This guy rambles on and on and on. Did not make it to 3 minute mark. Come on dude!!


    1. All are tired and becoming aware that all is not as it seems. Good things coming, yet the REAL driver for these is you and I, and what WE want! Trump/White Hats are tools provided for our release! 😊🌹


  2. Great as we have been watching and paying attention to the evolution of these world events. Now, it seems that the Evil players are winning, whenever they need the support of the GOP, seems McConnell delivers consistently. We see many wonderful accomplishments as well, such as Meloni election in Italy, as the left accuse her of being Mussolini incarnate.
    We pray from the day that the defeat of these Evil players is publicly evident. God bless America and Freedom!


  3. As I have continued to listen, I recall this being made public in 2019. We are now in September 28th, 2022. Approaching the 2022 Mid-Term elections. The Dominion machines are still set for the largest election fraud in the history of the world. Why are none of these wonderful promises seemingly happening? Seems the Deep State is alive and well, some new data dump is requested, as events are not aligning as the future unfolds.


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