Indicators ~ Sept. 27, 2022

  • The Starlink communication satellites (ready for EBSystem) are in place, in White Alliance control. In the last few weeks, a wild satellite warfare has become evident.
  • Wells Fargo has not been delivering home property titles after final payoff of home mortgages. They advise the homeowners to seek legal counsel, and to contact the WF Bank legal office. They are clearly in bankruptcy, as their assets are in receivership of some kind, like a trustee.
  • Home foreclosures could reach many millions soon in this crash crisis cycle, far greater than the volume seen in the 2008 Lehman event. The hidden cabal objective is to eliminate private property ownership in the United States and to model after the British Royal ownership system.
  • Symbols like at the recent Trump rallies are starkly clear, with a flag that bears no stars, only blank squares. The meaning might be for a New Republic.
  • Walmart and Target have canceled $billion orders. Speculation abounds, like whether they foresee much lower consumer demand, like whether they are forcing a supply shortage, or worse and something far different. Perhaps their assets have been seized following deep corruption at their top levels.
  • John Kennedy Jr and Princess Diana are not dead. They have each been posting messages on social media. They were each protected by white hat elite authorities, to avoid their killings by the cabal elite. Such news items will be coming out very soon.
  • Trump is planning to challenge the Patriot Act before the Supreme Court. This is what was behind the FBI raid at his Florida complex. The corrupt cabal FBI Gestapo agents were seeking evidence to confiscate or to become aware of. The Intelligence Branch has become the top ruling fascist body of the United States, whose existence depends upon the Patriot Act. Expect a challenge and possibly resulting in it rescinded. It can be stated unequivocally that Due Process is long gone in the United States.
  • Stock market decline, US Govt debt default, US Dollar global rejection, these are each in progress, each indisputable. These signals cannot be ignored.
  • Property values are on the decline. Much great property value declines should be expected in an imminent sector crisis. The mortgage bonds have been no-bid for two months running.
  • Electricity price hikes will soon awaken even the dullest and sleepiest citizens in the population. The impact on the electric car sector has been enormous. Charge fillups cost several $100. Battery replacements cost between $20k and $30k, like after 60 to 80 thousand miles. Expect hydrogen powered cars to arrive very soon.
  • More illegal immigrant inflow is currently measured than white new babies born in the United States. The Obama Admin began the influx of largely illiterate unemployable immigrants 15 years ago. They are often from Arab nations, from African nations, and from Latin American nations. In the last two years, the cost of their welfare (food, medical, housing) has been estimated at $50 billion. A vast transition is taking place to reduce the white population.

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