Boundaries and Information: A message to trust yourself is a message of empowerment ~ Sept. 26, 2022


Editor’s Note: This is great message! All of us are looking for answers these days. We cannot rely on those sources of “power” we have been used to (government, school, church, medicine, job) to lead and guides us correctly…and it’s the only way of operating we have ever known! So…what to do in these times where there is no one to follow?

The only person you can trust is…YOU! Each of us have an inner, KNOWing guide ready to aid us…we just need to reach inside of us and meet this ONE. Get quiet, breath deeply and relax. When thoughts arise, switch your mind to just breathing in…and out, in…and out, in…and out. Your quiet self will then begin to instinctively KNOW whatever your own correct answer for your life is.

This is the way you can learn to trust you! Give this a try, imagine only good things/memories/events, and then find yourself in…

Quantum Joy!


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