Be Careful Folks! – Sept. 23. 2022

Editor’s Note: Really, what an interesting moment this is on Planet Earth. It seems quite a LOT of info will be released soon, starting tonight, that will be unsettling for humanity.

I’m not privy to details, yet this IS the moment to really focus on Who You Are inside without being roiled up by events happening “outside” of yourself!

How to do this! Focus on that thought, or memory, or idea which truly makes you excited and happy, happy!! And then…STAY THERE in that place of…

Quantum Joy!!


As the shit hits the fan you’ll find out very quickly whom you have faith in and whom you trust. You’ll also see very clearly who has faith in you.

When pressed and life comes unraveled, all your lightly stored beliefs will go out the window and you’ll see not only where your allegiance lies, you learn who you are as well.

This is a good thing because those hell-bent on the degradation of society have been trying to shape you and tell you who you are and what and who you should be for years.

Just the same, people you thought were friends may turn away exposing their true colors. The question is, were they ever really friends? Businesses you may have patronized previously may, and as we’ve seen, expose their inner beliefs. These are the things that happen when the shit hits the fan.

We can’t go back; only forward. And, as we forge ahead into the unknown, your path will become clearer as your personal truths stare back at you through mirror of your soul.

Stay strong and be relentless in pursuit of what you believe in.




What relevance does September 26th have?

Other than being the end of the 17 days of mourning issued by King Charles?

See prior post:

The Feasts of Yahweh:

Passover *

April 15

Feast of Unleavened Bread *

April 16-22


June 5

Feast of Trumpets* 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻

September 26

Day of Atonement*

October 5

Feast of Tabernacles*

October 10-16

The Eighth Day*

October 17

Now, what are we to expect on this date ?

“The Storm” ??

“Assassination attempt on DJT” ??

“The arrest of DJT” ??

Remember that Christ returns on the Feast of Trumpets.

Another question to consider:

Is that date relevant because, as their law states, they must pervert all that is good and of God?

(Law of Reversal/Inversion)


Is Yahweh their true master and this is how they reverence him?

Quit the dichotomy isn’t it.



September 26, watch date.

Feast of Trumpets 🎺🎺🎺

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