EQUINOX PASSAGEWAY ~ Higher Heart and Crown Activations ~ Sept. 22, 2022


Higher Light

As we enter into the Equinox Portal the Sun comes into alignment with Libra and we enter into the Zero Point at the Still center of all things as everything becomes balanced with the Five Elements of our Earth Mother. Tomorrow on the 22nd is the Equinox when Solaris enters into in the sign of  Libra and this Sunday the 25th is the New Moon in Libra as we enter the Heart Core of the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar. 

Through our compression breakthrough we become SuperNova Rainbow Bodies of Infinite multidimensionality. We navigate through all worlds as we anchor in the Highest Timelines and Trajectory into our Heaven on Earth.

As we travel through the Heavenly Gateways we go through time dilations and accelerations until we enter fully into our Eternal Timelessness of our God Consciousness. We are in the Flowering of Human Consciousness as we make our Collective Quantum Leap into the New Earth as homo-Luminous, Enlightened beings of Eternal Life.

All beings are born perfectly Awakened Buddhas, it is time to realize our True Nature as World Honored Ones of the Pure Lands of Christ Consciousness. This is the unconditional Love of the Most High. Mother/Father God Source Creator.

We step into alignment with the Heart of Brahma and feel our Connection to all beings of the Light as we become the Galactic Guardians of Terra Nova Gaia and Emissaries of the Light. Shine bright and activate your Divine Heritage of Ascended Mastery of the Holy Temple of Avatar Consciousness…A’Ho!


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