China/Taiwan Issue – Sept. 22, 2022

JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup have committed to complying with US government demands to pull out of China if Beijing attacks Taiwan.


A man rides past a giant sign proclaiming “One Country, Two Systems, Unify China” in Xiamen, China, July 25, 2022 © AFP / Jade Gao

China makes Taiwan pledge

Beijing says it will strive for a peaceful solution to the crisis, while the US claims that China is readying itself for war

In the document, the Chinese government affirmed its commitment to non-military means, but reserved “the option of taking all necessary measures” to return Taiwan to Chinese control.


🇺🇸🇺🇳Biden’s three “buts” at the UN General Assembly:

The United States supports a deal with Iran, but will not allow it to have nuclear weapons

The United States is committed to the “one China” policy, but is against changes in the status quo of Taiwan

The United States is not asking countries to choose between America or another partner, but will resolutely promote its vision of a free world.


Two soldiers fold Taiwan’s national flag during the daily flag ceremony in Taipei. Beijing claims the island as its own [File: Chiang Ying-ying/AP Photo]

China says will do all it can for peaceful Taiwan ‘reunification’

Beijing says it is willing to make the utmost effort to strive for peaceful “reunification” with self-ruled Taiwan, after staging major military manoeuvres around the island in recent weeks.

While China claims Taiwan as its territory, the island’s democratically-elected government rejects the claims and says it is up to the island’s 23 million people to decide their future.


Before the whole China invading Taiwan reaches the sleepy people… especially those who change their Facebook profile pictures to 🇹🇼… when they’re told to “care”…

The ones who can’t put their own state on the map…

China invading Taiwan is like 49 United States invading Rhode Island ☠️

Yellow Arrow = Taiwan. #Optics #WTHU


JG Prophecy 👇 Fulfilled ALL in the past 2 weeks in Asia.


Feb 28, 2022

Watch Asia. Things in the weather will take place at the same time all over that continent. China, this is for you to know I AM is in control, not you. You will not get what you want! I am destroying your plans against My nation, the United States, yes, destroying everything you have touched and everything you have infiltrated. For all the damage you have done in My Nation and everything you had control over in that government, My hand is moving and will destroy it all. I will remove everyone from your nation on your payroll and those in this fraudulent government who sold themselves to you for security, money, and power.

China, the web you wove in this nation and every other nation across this Earth, I am destroying now. I told you before, China, I am bringing you to your knees; all those in control of your country. You will hear of a great death in China’s government: the president and to all who are with him. This is the hour of your harvest for what you have sown. To you and anyone that helped you, no matter which nation they are from, including the United States, the Angel of Death is here, and there is no escaping it. Your fate has been sealed. You had no remorse. No, you wanted another sickness to strike this Earth in a greater way. However, this sickness will come on you and not anyone you are making it for.

Deadly super typhoon packing 170mph winds sparks urgent warning for two million in Japan to take immediate shelter


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